One Last Thing and Crosstide – One Last Thing vs Crosstide

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  • For fans of Elliott, Hot Water Music, Fugazi, At The drive-in, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead and Muse.
  • One Last Thing superb recent debut album ‘the Falsetto Portfolio” receiving rave reviews.
  • Crosstide featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”.
  • Co-release with Rise Records, awesome Crosstide debut EP
  • Re-release also planned.

Track Listing

  1. One Last Thing – Falling Down
  2. One Last Thing – Home
  3. One Last Thing – 1957 Trustee
  4. One Last Thing – Step 2
  5. Crosstide – Empty Space
  6. Crosstide – Urgency
  7. Crosstide – Scott’s Song
  8. Crosstide – Summer

About this Release

Two of Portland’s finest team up for this powerhouse split CD. These two bands are truly talented. Combining the pure essence of music: passion and power to create an incredible, dark and melodic sound. This CD marks their sophomore release.

One Last Thing are more experimental than previous releases but still know how to rock. Their song structures almost sound spontaneous and this adds a distinctive style to their original sound. The songs remain catchy but often move in diverse directions and explore an older, mature approach to emo rock, totally based on expression. The drumming is rhythmic and technical and the dual vocals are cleverly crafted around complex bass and guitar harmonies. If FUGAZI had ever met up with SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE this might just been the result!

Crosstide are classic emo rockers, powerful and melodic, addictive and memorable. They have a sophisticated talent in writing poppy yet textured songs. Imagine the guitar intricacy of MINERAL fused with the power of TEXAS IS THE REASON. Add the soaring vocal style of JEREMY ENIGK or CHRIS HIGDON and you”re in Crosstide territory. Keeping things interesting at all times they go from rocking catchy sections to incredible unexpected key changes that bring MUSE and early RADIOHEAD to mind. This is raw song writing at it’s most beautiful, original and accessible.

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