Nine Days To No One – Disrecordings

Album cover


  • For fans of: Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Cave In, Breach, Taken, Poison The Well, At The Drive-In, Red Roses for A Blue Lady, Eden Maine, Isis, Neurosis, Earthtone 9.
  • Recorded at City Of Dis with Ben Phillips late 2003.
  • Artwork by David Ince.

Track Listing

  1. Gala contemplating
  2. Alban Mount
  3. Averance
  4. Sangreal
  5. Screaming Blue Messiah
  6. The light of a thousand suns

About this Release

How were we going to follow on from the awesome talent and crushing noise provided for us in the UK by the likes of Eden Maine, xCANAANx and Winter In June?

Well, once again, Engineer brings us the answer, with this incredible debut release from yet another great band hailing from the South East of England that are destined to join the ranks of your very favourites.

Nine Days To No One, or Novena, have been playing around the South East since 2002 with bands like Cubic Space Division and Number One Son, but now it is definitely time they spread their wings. Their debut release is ‘Disrecordings’ and these five tracks clearly pull inspiration from all corners. The four piece contains an eclectic mix, including a drummer from an acid jazz background and a guitarist well known in the hardcore scene. The sound they create is dark, powerful and often eerie. Much like their label mates, Eden Maine, Nine Days To No One are not afraid of controlling the sound they create, one minute bombarding you with a violent, off kilter, wall of sound, the next leaving you washed over in a pool of haunting ambience.

Right from ‘Gala Contemplating’, the very first track, you will be blown away by the intensity and atmosphere of these songs. This is a band you need to hear now, while they are still cool and fresh, before they are on MTV2 every night and all your friends have their records.

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