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  • For fans of: Neurosis, Old Man Gloom, Botch, Isis, Bane, Dillinger Escape Plan, Canaan, Eden Maine, Poison The Well, Terror, Breach, Converge, Red Roses For A Blue Lady
  • Recorded at City Of Dis with Ben Phillips. (producer of Converge, November Coming Fire, etc).
  • Rave reviews already in! Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Big Cheese and loads more! All in favor have spoken with accolades.
  • ‘Beautiful artwork by David Ince w/ fold out poster inlay jacket. Multi-media CD enhanced with Gala Contemplating’ video.
  • UK tour and beyond in 2006.
  • Vinyl version coming soon courtesy of Koi Records of Houston, TX.
  • Debut EP ‘Disrecordings’ sold out both pressings.

Track Listing

  1. Twilight Of The Idols
  2. Jadoo [mp3]
  3. Venus On Fire
  4. Tacit
  5. So My Inferior, This Ends
  6. And Then Came The Floods
  7. Gala Contemplating (Video)

About this Release 

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The sound of inner rage, complete and untameable mayhem, comes blasting at us by way of the new CD from Southeast England’s NINE DAYS TO NO ONE. Engineer has not released anything this ferocious in ages and we’re not even sure if we’re ready for it, but duty calls and the world must listen!

With just as much creativity infused into the song writing to rival the blunt force of grinding rhythms and machine gun drumming, Nine Days To No One are not afraid to show their brains along with their muscle. Combining elements of Grind, Metal, Jazz, Hardcore and Prog…this is technical hardcore at it’s very finest.

‘Nine Days To No One formed in 2001, and has been obliterating stages since 2002 starting with their homeland of Southeast England. They are a very conceptual band with lines of sight always in mind. Goals and agendas always in place, for with this focus, ND2NO have accomplished a great deal. Released in 2003, their debut “Disrecordings'” on Engineer, garnered them much critical praise.

Both big and small mags were gushing. Now with “ARK'” their second release, the expectations are even higher. Musically it is a lot different from ‘Disrecordings’ it is more stripped down, more mature and a lot more grinding and heavy as opposed to “Disrecordings'” chaotic intense approach. It is finally time for the much anticipated follow-up release from Nine Days To No One. In the bands own words, make sure you do not miss out on the bastard experience of “Ark.”

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