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  • For fans of energetic pop-punk, RIYL: Green Day, NOFX, Pennywise, Rancid, MTX.
  • Second full-length album.
  • Toured Hungary, Germany and Russia. Performed at Skate Session, Volt and Wheelbite Festivals.
  • Endorsed by Shure, Warwick, Stars and Straps, Tatanka and Artbeat.

Track Listing

  1. Another Day, Another Lie
  2. Preachers Go To Hell
  3. Never Mentioned Dreams
  4. Everydays
  5. I Was Thinking… (Album Version)
  6. The Day When I Can’t Get More Creative (Incomplete
  7. Brand New Ways
  8. Never Ended
  9. Lost My Friends
  10. This Ain’t No Lie
  11. Leaving
  12. Listen To The Songs
  13. Life

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Nikson mix punk rock and melody with their 90’s hardcore influences and modern pop. ‘Preachers Go To Hell’ is their second full-length album. Singles/videos:

• I Was Thinking –
• Stay With Me –

Tours throughout 2011 across Europe. Thirteen tracks to wake you up and get you moving!


A short fanzine about rocking

NIKSON – ‘Preachers Go To Hell’ (Engineer) Reviewed by JOHN A.

I was a bit oblivious to any sort of punk scene in Hungary (outside of Zoli Ignite/Pennywise) before Nikson turned up. While the band aren’t going to turn too many heads outside of the European skate punk / pop punk scene, ‘Preachers Go To Hell’ is a solid effort with a nice mix between some frantic skate punk and more melodic pop punk, bringing to mind a certain band called Rufio. I’ve got to be honest, the vocals are perhaps a little weakness, but for Hungarians singing in English they do a pretty damn good job! The album has a couple of slower based numbers, namely ‘Everydays’ and ‘Listen To The Songs’ which border a bit too much into pop rock territory, but do a good job of breaking up the album a little. Overall, Nikson aren’t breaking any boundaries and wont set the world alight, but if you like (mainly) fast and very poppy skate punk sort of stuff, this is worth checking out. 


Room Thirteen

It doesn’t seem that long ago since skateboarding was at its peak of popularity. But like all crazes in youth culture, it is only a matter of time before the excitement subsides. If Hungarian four-piece Nikson had emerged during the 1990s, their punk anthems could have set the Europe music scene alight. Unfortunately that is not the case, and the Gyor-based rockers may be forever trying to reignite the flickering flame of the skater punk genre and attempt to bask in the genre’s former glory.

“Preachers Go To Hell” offers thirteen punk rock episodes, each of which seem to be built upon typical four chord foundations that are far too familiar for comfort. ‘Another Day, Another Lie’ kicks off the album in style and arguably adopts the most original style of the entire LP. Following on from this is the title track ‘Preachers Go To Hell,’ which would perhaps fare well if it were chosen to be thrust in the direction of hardcore audiences, the latter half of the song breaking down to explore a heavier persona and momentarily distancing itself from the typical punk sound employed for the vast majority of the album. In a contrasting manner, acoustic track ‘Everydays’ is an effective intermission and prevents monotony from striking prematurely. Allowing punk rockers to arm themselves with acoustic instruments can be catastrophic in some instances, but not for Nikson.

Songs like ‘The Day When I Can’t Get More Creative’ bear a striking resemblance to New Found Glory, acting as little more than a reminder of the unoriginal sound being exercised. The guitars team exactly as you would expect them to and by this point, there really is the sensation that a formula is tirelessly being adhered to. If one song is to be singled out as a worthwhile listen, it would be ‘Never Ended,’ which efficiently summarises Nikson’s sound in less than three minutes. ‘Listen to the Songs’ is tainted by a lifeless acoustic guitar part, which is a shame as the chorus is well written and the song explores a variety of new timbres. Intriguingly, the beginning to finale ‘Life’ sports a slightly more sinister edge to it, but as the song progresses, the vocals get lost too frequently and the song fails to make a lasting impact.

Nikson may well pride themselves on the melodic nature of their music, but the band have yet to discover the secret to writing memorable tunes, leaving their songs sounding like Blink 182 b-sides. There is nothing drastically wrong with “Preachers Go To Hell”; the quartet have equipped themselves with all the necessary tones and characteristics of the modern punk rock genre, but the composition of the music sometimes lacks focus and takes a while to get the point. The hardcore elements featured give the album a satisfyingly contemporary edge, with the charismatic tones of bassist Horvath Gabor particularly impressing. All the correct ingredients have been thrown into the bowl, but the taste isn’t quite right. Either that or it may be that the best before date has passed.


Beatzone & Rockstorm (Czech)

As I wrote before the label Engineer Records does great favours to any bands if they like their musical style and now that includes the group Nikson from Hungary. Their new full-length album is devilishly good melodic Rock and Punk. Influenced by their favorites groups such as NOFX, Rancid, Pennywise, Green Day and MTX. These patterns in their work are quite noticeable, but Nikson play in their own European way, with beautifully pure and heartfelt singing. The album contains 13 tracks in 44:33 minutes of quality melodic music that has something to say with the lyrics too. There are musically inventive tones right through the whole album and Preachers Go To Hell is riddled with a vigorous demonstration that even the former Eastern Bloc has something to offer.
(I recommend to get a ticket for their concert – In April they play in Litvinov).



This Hungarian band has created an EP and two full lengths and can also boast of endorsements for brands like Famous Stars & Straps and Cocaine energy drink … The presentation is not bad at all and in fact I would say this, their second album, is definitely positive output for the band. Their sound is composed of a component mainly melodic punk-rock (Green Day / New Found Glory / early blink 182) with some influences from European hardcore, melodic rock and even punk. The album contains 13 tracks, a choice that can sometimes be risky for emerging bands because there is a risk that the listener is not paying attention until the end. The production of the disk is good and it presents a couple of potential hits – the title track “Preachers go to hell” and “The Day when I can’t get more creative.” Personally, the songs that struck me the most is the opener, entitled “Another Day, Another Lie” which has some tempo changes and interesting melodies and also track #9 “lost my friends.” There are also two acoustic pieces. This work is positive and as the band is planning a European tour we hope they come to make a visit to Italy, the beautiful country.


Rock-Metal-Punk.Org (Holland)

Hungary may be better known for its tourist attractions than for its music scene so we are happy that at least one band is trying to get to Hungary on the music map. Nikson is a four-member pop punk / skate rock ensemble. “Preachers Go To Hell” is their second full album and they are trying to make it internationally.
What worked for me with the previous Nikson release was the recurring theme of love, relationships and broken hearts. Preachers go to hell is no different. Titles like “I was Thinking…” “Never Ended”, “This is not a lie”, “Leaving” etc already give some hint of what you can expect. Sp can they still surprise us, we ask? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’!
The title track ‘Preachers go to hell’ has surprises such as screams; a novelty that on first listen strikes like a thunderbolt in broad daylight.
Nikson fans will immediately notice that some songs from their 2009 EP Blue Bird are back on this album. They’ve all been tinkered with and improved. A band that itself frankly admits that their songs could be improved, is a band that dares to be critical of his own work and that can only be welcomed. Last surprise then “Listen To The Songs’. The almost entirely acoustic song is a lot slower than the rest of the CD, but still a nice surprise.
So what should we think of Preachers Go To Hell? First and foremost it outclasses their first full CD, So Far From Home. There are a few potential hits on this record for sure. ‘Never Ended’ is a brilliant song and the title track also scores as highly enjoyable. “I Was Thinking” id the video track so far.
Nikson is for people who feel strongly about love and relationships and want that in their music, and also for people just to look at Hungarian pop punk / skate rock and discover it.


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