Neverthemore – Neverthemore

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  • For fans of: Promise Ring, Appleseed Cast, Mineral, Pop Unknown, Elliott, Braid, etc.
  • A split label release between Engineer Records and Last Chance Records.

Track Listing

  1. Tie Me In The Van [mp3]
  2. Stick Around
  3. Whitewash
  4. All Too Real
  5. Before You Breathe
  6. Beach Party
  7. Easy
  8. The Warning Signs

About this Release 

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Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. If you’ve ever wondered what great bands like Appleseed Cast and Pop Unknown might sound like with a little more hardcore balls then here’s your answer! NeverTheMore’s self titled debut album has been two years in the making and worth every minute of it. This record is at once mellow and clever, whilst still edgy and powerful. These songs will be stuck in your mind after the first play.

There are influences from all over the alternative rock scene blended to make an original and very emotive sound. NeverTheMore have arrived with a bang and will soon be on everyone’s lips and turntables.

If music has ever moved you then get this now and prepare to be moved again!

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