Nathaniel Sutton – Dramatic Scene

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  • 15-track debut from this prolific singer/songwritier, multi-instrumentalist.
  • Recorded and Mixed at home by Nathaniel Sutton in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Mastered by Nettleingham Audio (Spoon, Latterman, Burns Out Bright).
  • Artwork by Grafficants (No Way Out, Yawn).

Track Listing

  1. An Intro
  2. Blinds
  3. Cruel
  4. Worldwide Catastrophe
  5. Intolerable Star
  6. Narrow Spaces
  7. Nevermind Nevermore
  8. What Wrong We’ve Done
  9. This City
  10. Propaganda
  11. The Art of Burning Bridges
  12. Is This What Love’s Like?
  13. Dramatic Scene
  14. Cold December Night
  15. Myself and You

About this Release

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A humble, personable story about a singer/songwriter just the same…
Nathaniel Sutton comes at us via Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and while delivering mostly folk-based indie-rock, you’ll find splashes of alt-country, punk, and even electronic music weaving throughout his highly ambitious debut. Thoughts of The Folk Implosion or Beck might be a good place to start. He’s created nearly 30 tracks, widdled down to the 15 on his Dramatic Scene debut. Those are some simple facts to digest. The more interesting ones, are how a 22-year-old fan, by way of fate and chance, came to us here at Engineer.

Nathaniel Sutton could be called our biggest fan and turned up buying so many of our releases, we had to take notice. Well, ALL of them at once, which surely turned a head. The intrigue of who was behind this mayhem, grabbed us and we asked him some nice little questions and found out that he was a musician himself. Snooped around, listened to some of his songs–and were quite instantly blown away by the power of a couple home demoed lo-fi songs he had posted to the internet. “Narrow Spaces” and “Cruel” were the titles, to be exact. Thanks to a *music-collector’s passion* like so many of us out here in the indie-rock world experience, alongside a stroke of luck, we at Engineer Records had now stumbled across a truly inspiring man, with a noticeable talent for being a self sustainable one-man-band in writing, recording and producing his own musical vision. Instantly we asked to hear more, correspondence picked up and more demos exchanged. The rest is right here in front of you, under the album title Dramatic Scene. All so quaint, isn’t it?

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