My So Called Life/Ryan Mills – split 7inch

Album cover

Track Listing

  1. My So Called Life – Revenge Against the Black Hearted Fairies
  2. Ryan Mills – Deepest Blue [mp3]

About this Release 

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UK rockers, My So Called Life, have given this Split Series the amazing, catchy pop-punk anthem “The Revenge of the Black Hearted Fairies.” A smart, tight and infectious tune that My Awesome Compilation or even New Found Glory would be proud of. Hailing from Sussex, England, this hard working, passionate, always touring four piece band features lead vocalist/guitarist Vic, guitarist Duncan, bassist James and drummer Ollee. A perfect blend of energetic fun, melodic emo and pop-punk that is a true gem in a saturated scene of poor pretenders! A band that truly know how to grab a melody, hold it and never let go!

On the flip side of this transatlantic 7″ split is, in our opinion, currently one of Canada’s finest song writers; Ryan Mills. Ryan is best known as the guitarist/dueling vocalist for the mighty Kover (currently fronts the power trio, Hijack Delta) but has taken time out to work on his own personal project and record a powerful and emotive track for this release, “Deepest Blue,” which is a perfect contrast to the upbeat MSCL. This haunting, and emotive song was written alone with only the help of his drummer and is a beautiful, atmospheric testament to the versatility of Ryan’s work.

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