My So Called Life – On Phone Lines And Letter Heads

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  • For fans of Fightstar, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Moneen, Funeral For A Friend, New Found Glory, The Ataris
  • Touring constantly. Toured much of the UK and US in the last two years. Touring all over the UK as well as Germany, France, Italy, Greece, USA & Canada planned for 2007.

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Revenge Against the Black Hearted Fairies
  3. We Thought Drew Barrymore was the Lead Until She D [mp3]
  4. Let’s Get a Move on We Have a War to Win
  5. Interlude
  6. Trading My Spots For Antlers
  7. Outro

About this Release 

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You know the shows you go to where, after getting past security and avoiding a full-blown cavity search, you get inside and everyone’s dwelling in the shadows at the back of the venue and around the bar. Well, My So Called Life are the band that brings the spark, making everyone surge forward, jumping and shouting, so the show begins. Galvanised by the charismatic showmanship of front man Vic and the unrelenting energy of the band around him the crowd begins to bristle with excitement and suddenly the feeling you went along for in the first place is there. My So Called Life play a turbo-charged brand of melodic emo that leaves many of their peers standing. Ranging from Jimmy Eat World-esque power ballads, to furious explosions of controlled energy and back to catchy pop-punk that My Awesome Compilation or even New Found Glory would be proud off. These guys are bringing what you’re after and taking it to the next level. The Sussex-based four-piece, formed of lead vocalist/guitarist Vic, guitarist Duncan, bassist James and drummer Ollee, know how to grab a melody and hold it and they take that knowledge on tour constantly. This, their debut CD after three years of honing their craft, is a moment of passion caught at the studio and this could well be the ‘something new’ you’re looking for.

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