My Shining One & Son Of The Mourning – Split

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  • My Shining One features a veteran line-up of ex-members of FORTHELOVEOF, Ensign, Nora, Try.Fail.Try, Ex Number Five
  • My Shining One are for fans of: Thrice, Atreyu, Quicksand, etc
  • Multiple tours in previous bands US and Euro
  • My Shining One are touring in summer of 2005.
  • My Shining One have shared stages with Burnt By The Sun, Nora, FTLO reunion, Zombie Apocolypse
  • Son Of The Mourning are for fans of: Converge, ISIS, Haste The Day, Dillinger Escape Plan, Arameus, Poison the Well, Boysetsfire.
  • Son Of The Mourning’s previous EP release on Engineer sold well and quickly upon initial release.
  • Son Of The Mourning have shared stages with Converge, Eden Maine, Beecher, Narcosis, Aconite Thrill.

Track Listing

  1. My Shining One – Saccharin
  2. My Shining One – Mall Hours
  3. My Shining One – The Last Lawn In Somerville
  4. Son Of The Mourning – August 29th, 1997
  5. Son Of The Mourning – The Reimus Code
  6. Son Of The Mourning – Memento

About this Release 

Buy on My Shining One/ Son Of The Mourning - Sprit: My Shining One / Son of the Mourning - EP

Crossing ocean’s is a task not meant for those with light heads or weakend stomachs. Neither is listening to the brand new EP by My Shining One & Son Of The Mourning. These two bands hail from New Brunswick, NJ (an ever growing hotbead for the hardcore scene abroad) and Manchester, England, respectively. Together they have joined forces to deliver a sonic meltdown of blazing (and amazing) guitar work, thunderous drumming and gutwrenching vocals both melodic and sinister, yet unique to one another.

MY SHINING ONE is a hardcore scenester’s dream come true, boasting members of Nora, Fortheloveof, Ensign, Ex Number Five, and Try.Fail.Try. Incorporating influences of metal and hardcore with layered strands of indie rock, My Shining One have created a sound that blazes a new path outside of conventional hard rock cliches. Just take a listen, we dare you not to rely on their heavy riffing to carry you through your next anxiety attack. This band has only just begun to lay the groundwork for a new and influential cross pollination of heavy music.

Enter Manchester’s melodic powerhouse Son Of The Mourning to carry the weight of the second half of this split, and you are entering a new dimension of screamo-type hardcore. This genre may have become very popular with the breakthrough of Thursday, Boysetsfire, Funeral For a Friend, etc…but has it ever been sung with such power and conviction? For real? Harder, darker, dirtier, and with just as much emotional impact as the aformentioned success stories, Son Of The Mourning will envelop you in their twisted yet beautiful sound. Almost like a horror movie flick, where listening to the soundtrack is so much more real than the actual picture, SOTM are that sound…and you WILL have nightmares.

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