Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep

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Southampton band Miss Vincent lock horns with punk rock on their new EP ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’. The fast paced sound is energetic and infectious, and the act look like they’re having fun, pushing their hands up into the thick atmosphere.
The band take influence from Chicago dark princes Alkaline Trio. That type of macabre sound is heard throughout the EP, merged together with big riffs and empowering lyrics. First track DNR, nods proudly and honours those abrasive melodies. It begins with a shot of bass guitar and then rushes into the sharp vocals, naturally punk in its attraction.
Shotgun Queen opens with a masterful riff that keeps the song more than interesting. The raw vocals compliment the pessimistic wordplay, words that could cut through a sturdy ribcage. You Can’t Spell Blame Without is a classic punk pile-driver, nodding in the direction of the established punk bands that keep the scene swinging. The chorus bubbles with negativity.
Miss Vincent naturally play punk music that swells with pessimism and immense talent.

01. DNR
02. Disparate, Desperate
03. Shogun Queen
04. How Much Further?
05. You Can’t Spell Blame Without Me

Miss Vincent – ‘How much further?’ video https://youtu.be/NS0Ms0uIf2Y

Southampton based punks Miss Vincent have returned with latest EP Reasons Not To Sleep and state a major claim that it is not just American punk bands like Alkaline Trio, AFI, et-al who can deal in good old serious dark punk rock sounds. By dark punk we are not talking about those passing fads like ‘New Grave’ which seems to be all the rage at the moment. This punk rock still has meaning it doesn’t have to be horror movies and make up.
EP opener ‘DNR’ and ‘Gradients of Grey’ are two very good ways to introduce yourself and both quickly show that these boys seriously know how to write a melody. ‘Gradients Of Grey’ especially hooks you straight in- working with the quiet, loud formula that has helped create so much amazing music over the years. ‘Disparate, Desperate’ while not catching the listener as quickly, it is a slow burner that builds and opens that shows musicianship beyond their years.
‘Shogun Queen’ opens like a punch to the face and by this point Miss Vincent have got us hooked. The band have something special which can only mean that they will be stepping up to bigger and better things off the back of this release. It does have that Alkaline Trio/AFI feel but to just bundle them in as to copying those acts would be a disservice to the band. there is something very british about the band that echoes that golden era off the early 21st Century when UK post hardcore flexed its muscle for the first time to the rest of the world.
‘You Can’t Spell Blame Without Me’ closes the EP on a high, showing all the bands strengths over four and a half minutes. Catchy melodies, superb structure, perfect use of backing/gang vocals. Excellent work all round here and if you haven’t checked these guys out before, then we highly recommend you go out right now and do just that. Impressive. http://mosh.hitthefloor.com/reviews/miss-vincent-reasons-not-sleep-ep-review/

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