Madeleine – The City Is A Story About People

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  • Second release on Engineer Records by this great indie band from Germany.
  • For fans of Crosstide, This Beautiful Mess, Radiohead, Brandtson, Camden, The Motorhomes, Blur, Jeff Buckley

Track Listing

  1. Shit
  2. Miles From Truth
  3. Cities
  4. California
  5. I Don’t Care What She Wants The Most
  6. Killer, Where You Find Love
  7. Have You Been Sleeping?
  8. December Kissing
  9. Closer To You (I Try)
  10. Go On
  11. Grau Du Roi

About this Release

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The new album from Koln, Germany’s favourite sons MADELEINE see’s them develop their catchy hardcore driven indie rock into beautiful gems of songs. This eleven track album, The City Is A Story About People, is almost a concept piece on modern day city living and the relationships of the teenagers and twenty somethings stuck therein.

Comprised of subtly well-played guitars, bass, drums and a voice that will stick with you all day and night, the melodies contained in this album bring colour to a grey environment.

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