Madeleine – Boy = Man

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  • EP shows extreme control in musicianship and clarity in songwriting. Top notch material beyond their years. Fans of indie-brit rock will love this!
  • For fans of Crosstide, This Beautiful Mess, Radiohead, Brandtson, Camden, The Motorhomes, Blur, Jeff Buckley
  • Shared stages with Rilo Kiley, , Wilco, Pale, Last Year’s Diary, Red Animal War, Lampshade, Stereophonics…
  • Completed multiple tours of Germany (w/ Rilo Kiley, etc…), expanding more soon.

Track Listing

  1. At First
  2. This Town [mp3]
  3. Strands
  4. By Bus
  5. Adolescent Freedom Song
  6. In and Out
  7. How It Goes

About this Release

A well-crafted EP by a band that knows dynamics and how to piece together song after beautiful song. Madeleine, from Germany, are here to show us where the melody went, and by the catchinees of their 90s-brit-inspired indie-rock, we are sure to find it here. 7 tracks of smooth, elegantly played catchy songs that sonically, teach us as much about restraint as they do about letting go.

From the opening insrumental bit, “At First,” to the album closer, “How It Goes,” there is no filler. At 7 songs, Madeleine selected their best to offer us via this EP, and will hopefully be getting back in the studio soon.

With a strong gig history already behind them, Madeleine are posed to up the ante and do more touring this spring. This band knows how to work hard and it shows. If only more brit-poppers were this d.i.y.? Maybe it’s because Madeleine grew up on a steady diet of Strike Anywhere, Gorilla Biscuits and The Get Up Kids…enough said. (But don’t tell them we told you that!) Enjoy their growth.

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