Lightning Daze – Caught In A Frame

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  • For fans of The Get up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Hot Water Music, Red Car Burns, Rydell, Cornflames, Braid, Jawbreaker, Fugazi, Foo Fighters
  • Recorded by Stefano “Timba” Silva at Hard Sound Studio in Lodi, Italy.
  • On tour with Portugal the man, Vanilla Sky, A Traitor like Judas, Dufresne, Red Car Burns, Sun Eats Hours, Branduardi, Pig-Tails, Autoreverse, If I Die Today
  • ”Touring Germany and Italy in June, Austria/Nederland/Slovenia/Germany/Italy in August/September
  • Singer owns NoReason Records & Live (Rentokill, Antillectual, Enemy Alliance,…)

Track Listing

  1. Spring Box
  2. Thank You Miss Kissgoodnight
  3. Another Perfect Night
  4. Oasis Of Green
  5. Better Days
  6. Fall
  7. Strike Out [mp3]

About this Release

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The will of believing in something of unique, gave birth to the DIY project named Lightning Daze. The same line-up since the high school period (2001) had self-released 3 eps, toured with great bands like Portugal the Man, Vanilla Sky, Dufresne, A Traitor Like Judas and others.

Four members going into different directions, contrasting their creative egos and reaching a point of contact in their own sound.
Singer Dami, after founding booking agency “NoReason Booking”
and co-existing label “NoReason Records,” has involved the other members in his project.

Lightning Daze is now active in the alternative scene, working with great bands such as Rentokill, Antillectual, Enemy Alliance, Useless ID,…

All of these life and music experiences led Lightning Daze to reach something out of schemes they’re really proud of: the album Caught In a Frame.

It represents 7 shots with varying degrees of passion and turns the deepest of heart-strings. Mixing up the finest mid-90’s blend with killer arrangements and a smooth and rich flavourful melody.

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