Last Years Diary – Last Year’s Diary

Album cover


  • For fans of singer/songwriter indie/emo such as Kevin Devine, Dashboard Confessional, Steven Brodsky, Adam Dove, Fire and Verse, Rumbleseat and Foundation.
  • Available on limited edition white vinyl
  • Co-release with Germany’s Scene Police

Track Listing

  1. Snapshots
  2. Sunday Night
  3. Feels Good To Me

About this Release

Last Year’s Diary is a personal account of the thoughts of Alex Erich, Germany’s answer to KEVIN DEVINE and DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL. Reflective lyrics laid over simple yet well crafted chord progressions is the style captured on this triplet of recordings by this endearing singer/songwriter.

Standing alone on the A-side is ‘snapshots” which leans the most towards emo rock out of the bunch. With a suitably delicate drum line and warm bass and guitar harmonies this track works well exploring the use of a full rhythm section. This is a poetic song and is a good example of the personal yet empathetic lyrical style “I walked footprints of our history” consistent throughout.

The flip side contains two well-matched songs; musically more stripped down but still supported by the distinctive, clean, understated vocal style. Both tracks represent the singer’s obvious talent in penning acoustic rock. It sounds like these songs could have been written whilst stuck on a train or woken in the night by a mind too crammed with stubborn thoughts.

Last Year’s Diary is a good lesson in how to speak your mind through catchy melodies but retain a simple, accessible sound. Just close your eyes and imagine these songs being played right there in front of you…Solo indie rock at it’s rawest and most evocative.

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