Kover – Assembly

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  • For fans of: Small Brown Bike, Leatherface, Samiam, Seaweed, The Sainte Catherines, Hot Water Music, Farside, Fugazi, Hundred Reasons, Knapsack
  • Featuring ex-members of Blue Skies At War, Going Nowhere, Heroes For Sale
  • Recorded and Produced by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios in Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Buying Time
  3. Deathbed Reflections
  4. Blinded and Alone [mp3]
  5. Asphalt and Stone
  6. Extinguisher
  7. It Girl
  8. Can’t Hide the World
  9. Givin’ In
  10. w/o
  11. Frozen
  12. Light the Sky

About this Release 

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Kover’s Assembly is one of the most exciting independent releases of 2006. Though it’s the first official full release for the band, it’s a follow up record to the 2004 self-recorded, self-released five-song CD by guitarist and ex-Blue Skies at War member Ryan Mills. From the GTA of Southern Ontario, Kover blends dark, tuned down and brooding guitars with intense melodies, detailed and incredible guitar work, and anthemic choruses. It’s a musical hybrid of Thin Lizzy and Hot Water Music, among other amazing influences, including favorite 90’s throwback bands, like Farside. This is a truly unique record in a hard rock genre overflowing with wannabes. This record is really musical, the song writing thoughtful, the guitars pretty; and music like this never gets tired.

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