IRIS – Something to Live For

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Just when you thought the British rock scene was all starting to sound a little tired and familiar, Kent rock band IRIS offer a fresh take on the genre with their debut album ‘Something To Live For’.
Recorded and produced by Oz Craggs (Mallory Knox, Feed The Rhino) and with elements of alt rock, post, hardcore, punk and grunge, each song is 3-4 minutes of no nonsense, unforgettable choruses, big guitars and hook laden rhythms that will stick in your head for days.
These are ten honest tales of broken relationships delivered with a passion and energy that remains constant throughout. There’s plenty of diversity however, even offering an acoustic moment, but never drifts into pretentious ground. Whilst having both it’s rampant and quieter sections, IRIS have produced an exciting album that has huge commercial appeal, bucket loads of singles and never lets you forget that fact. Beyond the music and melancholy lyrics, the album portrays a universal message of hope, something we can all relate to, and perhaps even for some, will give them ‘something to live for’.

1. Candle
2. Something To Live For
3. Roll The Dice
4. Haunted
5. Lights At Ten
6. Antisocial
7. Second Best
8. Bridges
9. Be Something Better
10. All The Good Times

Recorded and produced by Oz Craggs (Mallory Knox, Feed The Rhino).
Iris – Something to live for on iTunes
Iris – ‘Antisocial’ video

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