Hunter Gatherer – Low Standards For High Fives

Album cover


  • For fans of Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music, Cap n” Jazz and Braid.
  • Debut full-length album
  • Popular previous split EP with UK’s Rydell
  • Exclusive track featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”
  • Co-release with Germany’s Scene Police

Track Listing

  1. And Now You
  2. Glory Of The Flames
  3. Low Standards for High Fives
  4. Forever Had a Voice
  5. Ex-almost Sacred
  6. The Last I Ever Wrote
  7. Never Trust Anyone Again
  8. Ghost Lightning
  9. Spelling It Out
  10. Heart Felt Takes Strong Back

About this Release

So you’re thinking how cool would it be to find a band that sound like a cross between SMALL BROWN BIKE and HOT WATER MUSIC? Okay you just found one! Hunter Gatherer have been playing their own version of hardcore or self-styled ‘southern Rock” for a while but “Low Standards For High Fives” is their first proper full length and it’s their best material to date. They base their unique song writing around a gruff, throaty dual vocal format and unusual, busy guitars. The way they build up the pace through moody, complex rhythms and harmonies is original and distinctive and perfectly matches their melancholic lyrical statements.

The unique aspect of Hunter Gatherer is their ability to be more experimental with song structures than a lot of hardcore bands in this vein. They move between heavy catchy sections to edgy quiet picking sections bringing a refreshing similarity to bands like CAP n” JAZZ or BRAID. The album is packed with varied tracks, some upbeat with powerful breakdowns, others gentler and darker, all equally raw and emotive. Slotting so well alongside some of the most popular hardcore bands around today you”ll wonder why you haven’t heard of them sooner. Time for everyone to realise just how much Hunter Gatherer rock.

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