Hot Water Music and Rydell – Split 7

Album cover


  • Recommended for fans of Small Brown Bike, Chamberlain, Texas Is the Reason
  • Non-album version of awesome HWM track from “Forever and Counting” LP
  • Rydell featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”
  • 6th press, over 3,400 copies sold
  • Co-release with Germany’s Scene Police

Track Listing

  1. Hot Water Music – Just Don’t Say You Lost It
  2. Rydell – Try Seventeen

About this Release

The 6th press of this 7″ which is hardly surprising as it’s a great little slab of vinyl that everyone should own! Literally back by popular demand it seems that all the kids love this split record between awesome hardcore favourites Hot Water Music and UK emo boys Rydell, I highly suggest to use a record player to listen to these tracks, it’s the best way to do it, check out these reviews if you want to get one of the ones I own. It really works as a split with Hot Water Music delivering their reliable up front rockin’ hardcore and Rydell grooving with their familiar throaty emo.

This is a great record in two main ways. Firstly it’s a chance to own an exclusive version of one of Hot Water Music’s best ever songs. Secondly it’s a chance to get to know Rydell, who play addictive, heartfelt, rocking music and have been proving to us for a while that we can expect more from the UK. If not for those reasons it’s just a great record to spin and lift your spirits, all you have to do now is decide which side to play again coz you”ll be playing this one all the time – guaranteed!

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