Fugo – avant 93:43 3xCD

Album cover


  • ”’Co-released by Irascible (CH), Finest Noise (D) and Engineer Records (UK/USA) on March 11, 2011.’
  • 3xCD release with all three covers designed by Conrad Keely of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.
  • For fans of forwards thinking music.

Track Listing

  1. 1_1 (00:00 – 03:20)
  2. 1_2 (03:20 – 07:57)
  3. 1_3 (07:57 – 14:35)
  4. 1_4 (14:35 – 19:32)
  5. 1_5 (19:32 – 25:08)
  6. 1_6 (25:08 – 30:30)
  7. 2_1 (30:30 – 35:28)
  8. 2_2 (35:28 – 39:56)
  9. 2_3 (39:56 – 46:52)
  10. 2_4 (46:52 – 52:49)
  11. 2_5 (52:49 – 56:44)
  12. 2_6 (56:44 – 64:39)
  13. 3_1 (64:39 – 68:21)
  14. 3_2 (68:21 – 72:22)
  15. 3_3 (72:22 – 80:09)
  16. 3_4 (80:09 – 84:48)
  17. 3_5 (84:48 – 88:04)
  18. 3_6 (88:04 – 93:43)

About this Release

Fugo’s NEW triple-CD avant 93:43 was Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Dave Hofmann at Alpenhof Oberegg (www.alpenhof.ch) and Somastudios Strengelbach, (www.somastudios.ch). Mastering by Keule (www.blumasterbox.de).

avant 93:43 was written and co-produced by Michael Rothen; Lyrics by Roman Donz, Michael Rothen and KISS. All songs arranged and played by Fugo; Front Covers by Conrad Keely (…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead); Graphic design by Nicole Badertscher (www.diversified.ch).

Financial support by Aargauer Kuratorium and Kulturstelle Stadt Aarau; ©2011 Fugo. All Rights Reserved.


Revolution Music

Fugo from the Swiss Highlands lands here six years after their debut album with follow-up in the form of Avant 93:43. It is a concept album in the finest form. The album is divided into three different CDs in paper cover form, and each CD contains six songs and three CDs together are 93 minutes and 43 seconds, hence the name of the disc. As on their previous album mixes Fugo Smashing Pumpkins-rock post-hardcore, punk and experimental elements. Concept part works, however, really well and gives the band an extra dimension.

It, however, skips most of the eyes, they are three different covers, which come in a beautifully wrapped and with designs by Conrad Keely from … And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and the concept behind the album. The concept of a young man who grows up to become a disillusioned man in a future very distant from ours. Just the beautiful setup and poetry section of the artworl should awaken a part interest.

90’errocken by Fugo have listened to in the form of Smashing Pumpkins and the like, play well with the elements that they have downloaded from noise rock in the form of Melt Banana and hardcore in the style of Defeat. It all ends up looking like a modern attempt at indie rock in style with Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. It’s incredibly innovative and resourceful, and it gives optimism for a music industry that is stagnating and has failed. Prepare still good music, and there are still beautiful covers, packaging and concepts that the world needs to be told. My warmest recommendations here

4 out of 6




Here this is what came to me whilst listening to this Swiss bands’s Avant 93:43, Fugo.

The exact word is “unexpected.” In any case, this album is amazing and looks like a concept album containing 18 tracks well, 6 per CD. The songs are not titled, they are all numbered and when you listen there are no breaks, with the three Swiss beat as they could, ranging from punk, hardcore, Indie, rock, noise and more so on and so forth. Anger, technique and creativity are mixed to perfection in a real well worked product and made good in every respect. Unfortunately I was not clear from the history of the drive, but graphics that I could find for each CD (made by Conrad Keely to the front covers and Nicole Badertscher for graphic design) seems to be a man’s life represented the middle class by ‘childhood until his old age, accompanied by a woman who is always the same, but its changing role: first mother, then wife and mistress eventually.

Finally, a fine product from every point of view from graphics to music, played with care, skill and wisdom, Highly recommended.

5 out of 5



Finest Noise (Germany)

The Swiss Alternative Hardcore band Fugo are back with a concept album. avant is 93:43 of 3 separate EPs, each about 30 minutes long, but the subject and also on the design belong together (wonderful as cover art by Conrad Keely of Trail of Dead) and actually a resulting single album. The title is already enshrined in the concept, but it provides the Total playing time of CDs, and points to the issue, because it’s about time.Consequently, there are also no real title, but the songs are simply numbered, and with the time stamp on the game provided.

Music is mixed catchy Hardcore, Alternative Rock and colorful. Sometimes it’s something crashing strength, then something soft, so threatening that we do not continue to go down in uniform sound.Variety is capitalized, as well as good vocal melodies, even if they go down sometimes in the overall sound a bit.
The instrumental parts cover the song sometimes (but fortunately rare). are differences between the CDs do not exist. It is not a musical concept, but just a thematic approach. Basically you can listen to say any of the CDs for themselves.

93:43 avant certainly is not now the high-flyer, but good songs and a beautiful presentation offer Fugo live forever and the odd cracker should be there (in March and April is one with Trail of Dead on Tour), so that one can not do much wrong.



With Love - The Underground

The quartet from Aarau in Switzerland have ventured further this time than many of their musical colleagues and this should reward them for sure – but first to the ventures.
AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD’s Conrad Keely was asked to do the artwork for the current CD album trilogy and created the three covers, for past, present and future. As a concept album this was a risk but the band took their time and the outcome is rich. Sometimes the vocals remind us of Billy Corgan of the SMASHING PUMPKINS, at other times Keely, or BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB, but FUGO are not imitators, they add their own hymn tunes, fast rock numbers and progressive influences.

The first CD of the series sounds very dreamy, building on a strong atmosphere and even a track in French succeeds. Disc 2 is much more rock then, almost discordant and sometimes quite experimental, slipping every now and then into Epic. Disk 3 with the futuristic cover then offers, like the two predecessors, another six songs and a really melodic hit with 3.2.
The numerical designation can be annoying but otherwise there is nothing to find fault with this second album from Fugo. Absolutely nothing. It is a must.

– (8.5) Thomas Eberhardt.


DisAgreement Online

It’s been six years since the debut of Swiss band Fugo, and apart from a split-release in the meantime, there has been no sign of life of the three-piece until now. Instead of simply coming back with a simple follow-up, they worked truly hard and have managed to record eighteen tracks, sprawled over three discs each averaging about thirty minutes each.

What first struck me was the three different covers, all of them drawn by Conrad Keely, vocalist of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Sharing stylistic similarities with the artwork of their album The Century Of Self, the triptych seemingly tells the story of a young boy growing up in the middle ages, to become a disillusioned man in the present, to end up a bitter old man sometime in a science fictional future, all the way accompanied by the same woman (mother, wife, mistress). I don’t know if my interpretation is correct, but there is a concept of time running throughout the ninety-plus minutes of Avant 93:43.

The songs are more or less untitled, instead only bear the numbers of the disc and their sequence within, so that it’s hard, without a lyrics sheet, to make exact sense of the story. But that doesn’t matter, because on the musical front, there is absolutely no reason to complain. Fugo perfectly combine the noisy abrasiveness of Nineties alternative rock with the more contemporary intelligence of current indie rock. The vocalist reminds me strongly of Billy Corgan, so that it makes sense to describe Fugo as a hybrid between The Smashing Pumpkins and the band of their artwork artist. Maybe this ends up in something not entirely unique, but the Swiss trio’s strong songwriting skills and their innovative blend of the old with the new still makes for an enlightened listening experience.

Fugo certainly have all it takes to open ears outside their mountainous Alps republic, and it can only be hoped that they won’t take another years to enchant us with another of their great albums. Avant 93:43 not only contain impeccable music, but comes in an unusual package that will doubtlessly catch the attention of quality-driven rock fans. In times where music has been reduced to digital files, this is an original way how you can get people to opt the physical medium. -Keule



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