Fugo – Aie

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  • Fans of: Fugazi, Rites Of Spring, Into Another, Quicksand, Standstill, Alice Donut, Lard, Dead Kennedys, .And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, etc.
  • Recorded in Switzerland and mixed by Peter Reto at The Clubhouse Studio, Berkeley (USA).

Track Listing

  1. W.)
  2. R.)
  3. N.)
  4. V.)
  5. U.)
  6. O.)
  7. P.)
  8. L.)
  9. B.)
  10. J.)
  11. S.)
  12. Q.)
  13. T.)

About this Release

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Thirteen tracks lasting well over an hour and not one minute of filler!

All new and all original from Europe’s crazy Fugo. This CD may well be too much for many as it twists and turns its way through punk-rock, alternative-core and indie styles, without ever really settling or letting the listener settle. Captivating songs; I guess it’s something of a challenge being set by the band!

There is definitely a nod in the direction of early Fugazi with the slow deliberate chugging build ups but also the groove of early Quicksand and the general weirdness of Alice Donut or even Dead Kennedys thrown in there too. A tempered record that is so deliberate you worry for the bands sanity. It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to hear it for yourself, it’s a kind of “other music”!

The band’s vision – Rock music as creative passion with no borderlines.

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