Flyswatter – Repeat In Pattern

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  • Fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Texas Is The Reason, Hundred Reasons, Rival Schools, New Found Glory, Pale, Ambrose, Elemae, Grade, Samiam, Sensefield.
  • October 2002 supports with Pale, Donots and Favez.
  • Previous releases include debut album “Black and Blue” and a split 10″ with Ampersand
  • Featured in Visions, Music-scan, Emoworld.

Track Listing

  1. Go
  2. Save Your Heart
  3. New Sensation
  4. Revive the King
  5. Beautiful Customer
  6. Sin Embassy Serenade
  7. Reading While Speaking
  8. Competitive Dancing
  9. Share the Embrace
  10. Jose

About this Release

“Repeat in Pattern” is the second full length for Germany’s Flyswatter and promises to gain them the recognition they deserve. The band have spent a long time crafting their blend of melodic hardcore, emo and alternative pop-rock and though showing signs of greatness with early tracks like “Killing Me” it wasn’t until the demos of these incredible 11 songs started doing the rounds that things got really exciting. Without trading in any of their power and passion Flyswatter demonstrate the right way to write accessible hardcore.

The pattern that defines them is the way they set the pace with an unforgettable riff and then settle into one of their catchy verses that seem to literally pour out of them. By the time the chorus has arrived you only need one listen before you”re singing along as if you”re spinning one of your collection’s classics. All presented with top-notch production and the perfect familiar soaring, vocal style.

With the bright, driving elements of classics like Texas Is the Reason and Samiam layered with the addictive wrangling of Jimmy Eat World and Hundred Reasons, the album is sure to appeal to most well-weathered underground fans and the newer school of the emo breed.

Highlight tracks like the instant hit “Go”, ‘sin Embassy” with it’s chorus that stands up against anything on Jimmy Eat World’s “Bleed American” and other classics like ‘save Your Heart” Flyswatter have enough to make some serious waves. This is the time to get into a band that have a genuine ability to not only seriously rock but offer memorable songs into the busy rising world of alterntive rock.

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