Failsafe For Tomorrow – Give Up The Ghost

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  • For fans of: Rise Against, Boysetsfire, The Ataris, Rival Schools, Atreyu
  • ”Previous release �Strike Your Matches� EP With Disillusioned Recs
  • Split-label release between Engineer Records, Koi Records and Disillusioned Records

Track Listing

  1. Mistaken For A Star
  2. What We Are
  3. So Long, So Long
  4. Give Up The Ghost
  5. Blood To Spill
  6. Caught In The Crossfire

About this Release

At the end of 2007 after numerous gigs around Yorkshire Failsafe For Tomorrow recorded their first 6 track E.P. �Strike Your Matches� Which did a small release with Disillusioned Records. The reviews and comments of the first record were words like �Dynamic� �Universal� and even �Haunting� the band say �We think the E.P. and the songs we were writing were always trying to reach out to people who weren�t into our genre, When we write a song we never pick a side, just play what feels right�.

At the beginning of 2009 the band parted ways with lead guitarist Scott and replaced him with Mark Lovett, They continued to write and perform through the summer and gather songs for their long awaited second EP �Give up your Ghost� and this hardcore masterpiece is available now on Disillusioned Recs. & Engineer Recs.

�Failsafe� Have an ever growing fanbase and will be touring this Summer 2010

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