Eyesight – Wir Bleiben. (We Stay.)

Album cover


  • Second full release on Engineer Records, this one split with AntStreet Records of Germany.
  • Integral part of the German hardcore scene for over twelve years. NOTE* This release sung in German.

Track Listing

  1. Die Melodie
  2. Es ist es wert
  3. Schritt für Schritt
  4. Irgendwann-1
  5. Anders als woanders
  6. Irgendwann-2
  7. Diese Sache
  8. Wolfür?
  9. Ein kleines Stück
  10. Stille

About this Release

Eyesight are well known in the German punk rock scene and have been for over twelve years now, and still with the same line-up! After several releases (two on Engineer Records) and uncountable shows throughout Europe over the last decade, they’ve now decided to re-invent their music by singing in their mother tongue. This new release ‘Wir bleiben’ takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of the band’s history, their lives and life itself. Take your time to listen and get a clue why this band will still remain a part of their scene for another twelve years.

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