Eyesight – Simplify Our Life

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Track Listing

  1. Missing You
  2. My Friends
  3. Wait and Waste
  4. Explain the World
  5. Our Song
  6. Simplify Our Life
  7. Fear My Dreams
  8. Missing Parts Make Incomplete
  9. I Did Not Sleep
  10. You

About this Release 

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Did you ever feel isolated, bitter, indifferent and completely exhausted? Maybe because of the loss of a loved one, the tragedy of a failed relationship or being disillusioned by society? Of course you did! So this is what life is all about. It’s a journey from the depths of apathy and isolation to the sweet state of relief and re-awakening. From sorrowful nightmares to red-letter days. From seriousness to superficiality. From self-delusion to enlightenment.

Fusing elements from various musical influences, Eyesight creates a unique sound aiming at kicking asses. Clear and distinct voices meet a sometimes melancholic and diverse guitar, followed by outbursting screams of anger and massively blasting powerchords. Everything floating on a balanced and tight drums & bass fundament. Rounded up by fresh hooklines and beautiful melodies, you won’t miss a thing. Sing-a long punk rock hymns “Our Song,” “Missing You” shake hands with emotional ballad-like songs “Fear My Dreams” and finally lead to fist-in-your-face smashers “Explain The World,” I didn’t sleep).
So you’re about to simplify your life? Stay punk rock!

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