Evolution So Far – Armies Of Bitterness

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  • Previous releases include a split CD with “For I Am Blind” on NH-N and a Unite for PETA benefit CD called “From the last rows”.
  • For fans of: Planes Mistaken For Stars, Forstella Ford, Boy Sets Fire, Grade, Poison The Well, Babies Three, Discharge, Conflict, etc.

Track Listing

  1. How It Goes
  2. Postcard from tomorrow
  3. Don\’t worry and love the bomb
  4. What the fuck are you laughing at
  5. Wrath of the martyr
  6. Fear of a right planet
  7. Baghdad recall
  8. American Dreamer
  9. Reverse!
  10. Nothing but the fall
  11. Aversion therapy
  12. A short account on the universe

About this Release

Anger has found a new voice in “Evolution So Far”. This is one of the most respected new bands in Europe and it’s not hard to see why. Their music is aggressive and powerful. Old school hardcore style but with a real edge and urgency. The screamed lyrics are so politically charged, angry and positive it makes you want to go out and smash the shady forces of ‘the man” and ‘the system” wherever they might be found anywhere near you.

The live shows are punk propaganda at its best with the passionate and heartfelt punk-core interspersed with militantism that would make new labour shit themselves. Evolution So Far have ex-members of various punk bands and have a previous sold out release on NH-N Records in Italy, but “Armies Of Bitterness” is a real turning point. Having toured with the likes of Hot Water Music, Shelter, 25 ta Life and Misconduct the band have developed a strong identity and now carry a dark manifesto to support a clearer way of life through its music and messages. These guys are far from the modern critical capitalism and jaded politics.

We are dealing with punkrock soul here and a future based on independence and knowledge that has never seemed so inviting.

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