Elemae – Tilling The Fallow

Album cover

From driving rock songs to intensely soulful balladry in one fell swoop, this EP flows more as a mini-album of sorts. Timeless sounding songs that hit the chest, resonating long after the album is over.
Five years after Elemae came to a natural “end of the line”, Engineer Records is proud to bring you a new Elemae EP entitled Tilling The Fallow, in the form of a beautiful eco-wallet CD. This isn’t sweeping out the cobwebs, nor is it anything meant for nostalgia. Here is a set of brand new songs that stand high on their platform, speaking out for a group of individuals with intrinsic chemistry that reconnected, however brief, to do what they do naturally together. Never definable by genre specifics, these men of rural New Jersey, USA, know how to craft a tune in the classic sense. Great tones, soul churning melodies, dynamics upon dynamics of non-trendy thought provoking songs. In fact, at just 5 tracks, Tilling The Fallow plays like a mini-album of sorts. It’s trite yet accurate to say? we believe these songs are their most focused and resilient yet.

1, For Granted
2, Sometimes, There Will Always Be Tomorrow
3, Moments
4, The Well
5, Slow (alt. version)

Band members:
Craig Cirinelli
Chris Homentosky
Dan Nolan
Chris Smith
Mark Cooper

Elemae (pronounced “LMA”) hail from various parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, while calling the rural Fredon, NJ, their final home. Since 1999, they built a band based not only on a universal inspiration of music, but also the friendship and understanding it takes to keep coming back to write, record and rehearse together, in spite of the rather non-complimentary geographic locations between one another.
Traces of post-hardcore, brit-rock, and classic rock can be found equally throughout Elemae’s sound, crossing over genres with their own developed way of writing. You’d think they’d be as well known as scene veterans like SenseField, Jawbox or Chamberlain, yet like many bands that “could be” Elemae were no stranger to such a fact. Evidence of refined similarities to their peers is just a step towards gaining some idea of what Elemae are all about. Musically expansive and lyrically, they’re nothing less than original and thought provoking.

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