Elemae – Sleeping With Adrenaline

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  • Fans of Farside, Sense Field, Elliott, Jimmy Eat World, Rival Schools, Sunny Day Real Estate, Cross My Heart.
  • Debut full length “Life To Be Defined” received rave reviews.

Track Listing

  1. Sleeping With Adrenaline
  2. Science Kit

About this Release

Crafting their own type of alternative rock, Elemae are an amazing upcoming band from New Jersey that have come into their own with this new incredible 7″ single. Since proving how accomplished a band they were on their previously released debut full length “A Life To Be Defined” you”d think they”d be as well known as emo rock classics like Sense Field and Farside. The fact that there are definite similarities to these bands is just a step towards to gaining some idea of what Elemae are all about.

‘Sleeping With Adrenaline” is the sort of song that on one listen creates an instant appeal and a need to own the record! The song is, in short a perfect emotional rock song, charged with energy, fluid in melody and both hard-hitting and warm in sound.

The same use of powerful drumming and riffing in which Elemae are clearly a dab-hand is more apparent than ever but this time the band have come up with a melody that’s catchier and more satisfying to the listener than ever. The fact that they have rather smartly nailed the way mixing old and new styles should be executed leaves so many other alternative, indie-rock and retro bands alike behind, scratching their heads at how exactly they”ve pulled this off.

The songs utilise a modern indie-rock song structure backed with echoing drumming and almost haunting, retro sounding keyboards that hit home with powerful chord progressions instead of relying on jangly pop melody.

The vocals are sung with clarity, range and power and once again Craig Cirinelli’s versatile vocal style is fueled with confidenc, while lyrically, nothing less than thought provoking.

The B-side features the highlight track taken from their previous record. ‘Science Kit” upholds the same identity that makes Elemae so appealing, powerful, deep harmonies molding memorable versus that build into soaring, vocal lead choruses that fly through the roof once they reach their climax. Features guest vocals by Ex Number Five’s Alf Bartone.

The song is more on the melodic hardcore side, fusing spread harmony guitars with layered stop-start drums however it remains addictive, smooth and powerful throughout never losing sight of an easy to follow format but boasting an incredible, soaring, goose-bump making chorus to keep you on your toes.

Formidable song-structures and accomplished music is what the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Sense Field and Elliott are finally being recognised for, a trademark that Elemae are fast to prove they are just as eligible for with a single that is sure to get them the attention they deserve.

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