Elemae – Popular Misconceptions of Happiness

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  • For fans of alternative rock, post-hardcore, shoegaze, indie. Delusions of Adequacy “Album of the Week,” 2005.
  • ”'”Sleeping With Adrenaline” on Metal Hammer covermount CD [with Snapcase, Stretch Armstrong + more, artwork by Derek Hess]’
  • ”’2nd pressing Bonus Edition [on separate link] co-released by Embrace Records, Malaysia.’

Track Listing

  1. Sleeping With Adrenaline
  2. Disappointment Book
  3. Soulsweeper
  4. Worthwhile
  5. Happily Cinematic
  6. Kamikaze
  7. Soapbox Podium
  8. Country Pink
  9. To Heel the Sole
  10. End A Year
  11. The Fall of Summer
  12. The Fall of Summer
  13. Sleeprise

About this Release 

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Both bold and beautiful in an instant, Elemae’s follow-up long-player album to their Sleeping With Adrenaline single, is finally at our fingertips. The new 12-track CD entitled Popular Misconceptions of Happiness is a strong move forward for an already ambitious group. With the powerful catchiness in opening tracks “Sleeping With Adrenaline, ” and “Disappointment Book,” to the hazy dream-pop of “Soulsweeper” and “The Fall of Summer,” this disc will instantly attach to your senses, and linger in your mind for ages to come. Running the gamut of influences—from post-hardcore to shoegaze, from alternative to tinges of classic rock, ‘Popular Misconceptions of Happiness’ paints many pictures for us to choose from.

Layers of clean and distorted guitars fill up the mix alongside booming drums and percussive accompaniments. Melodic vocals, lush and layered keyboards alongside splashes of odd instrumentation, give body to their work. Elemae did not let time get in the way of producing, recording, mixing—honing their craft.

Past comparisons have been made to the melodic leanings of Chamberlain, Sense Field, Jawbox and Swervedriver, yet Elemae evolved so graciously into their own. Try this album, there’s something for everyone.

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