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  • ‘Elemae has released 2 full-lengths (Engineer Records), a 7-inch(Ignition Records), an EP (self-released), as well as taken part in a Tribute to SEAWEED (Engineer) and a tribute two SHUDDER TO THINK (Ignition) as well as various compilations & cover mount CDs. Elemae’s second full-length CD “Popular Misconceptions of Happiness” was also re-released as a “bonus edition” on Embrace Records with added tracks, artwork and multimedia.
  • Memorial contains members from RENEE HEARTFELT (Textbook Music/North Sea Records/Limekiln Records), WORN IN RED (Exotic Fever) and THE SILENT TYPE (Limekiln Records). Memorial released a full album on FLIGHT-PLAN RECORDS in mid 2008.
  • Soon has released 2 proper full-length albums (Funtime Records) and tours their Benelux region as well as Europe, appearing in bars, clubs and notable festivals in Europe including Rock Herk, Pukkelpop, Funtime Fest, Peacedog and more. Soon released a new full-length on Funtime Records in April 2008.

Track Listing

  1. Elemae – Pulse [mp3]
  2. Elemae – Hospitals & Mazes
  3. Elemae – Fiction Mouth
  4. Memorial – Who Are We To Say?
  5. Memorial – If It Helps
  6. Memorial – Munich [mp3]
  7. Soon – There Go The Boys
  8. Soon – Inverse Ratio
  9. Soon – Serenade The City

About this Release

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With Engineer Records third installment of 3-way splits for Engineer, we bring you triplicate new tracks from both Elemae and Memorial, as well as two new tracks and a signature track from a previous European full-length, from Soon. Each band compliments one another in an effects-laden yet propulsive indie rock sound, though the way each paint from similar musical palettes turns unmistakably their own. [Co-released by Embrace Records, Malaysia]

Elemae hail from northern New Jersey (USA) and have turned the corner on their 8th year of bandhood. An EP, a 7-inch, two long-player albums and countless compilations later, you could say they’ve learned their strengths and weaknesses and matured with each step of the way. Time has refined Elemae into the musically diversified band they are today. Putting forth some of their strongest material to date, these three new tracks are tensive conversational pieces, bearing their teeth with a quiet discomfort found in some pretty intense subject matter. (religion, healthcare, the virtue of honesty) These songs sound like the build-up to a heated discussion AND the discussion at hand.

Memorial call the historically stringent Richmond, Virginia (USA) music region their home and musically speaking, sound just as emotive and vibrant as those that carried the torch before them. Taking cues from the most earnest of times in post-hardcore (mid 90’s) and marrying them with a sense of grandeur that make bands fill stadiums, Memorial comes out with a bang on their three debut tracks. Boasting the singer-guitarist from the belated Renee Heartfelt and a crew of seasoned players surrounding him, these songs are iron-clad anthems perfect for a maturing audience of post-collegiate rockers.

Soon rounds out the release by way of a burgeoning Benelux region, Belgium to be exact. Courtesy of the Funtime Records family of bands, Soon showcase their lightly-distorted post-new wave sound in the most memorable of ways. An immediate band to sing-along with, Soon’s vocals are catchy and clean and just feel cooler than any band you’ve heard in a similar light. Musically, nothing falls short. Smart rhythms, ambient note bending, rapid wall of sound guitars…it’s in there. It’s a shame this band is not known more thoroughly on American shores. Here’s to a few more ears turned and a few more fans earned with your first introduction to Soon.

With all three bands skimming along the perimeter of post-hardcore from which they cut their teeth, you can hear how their sound currently resonates beyond it’s restrictions in directions each band culls from their influence. It’s in the way Elemae, Memorial and Soon interpret their similarities, which makes them compliment a joint release cohesively, share some fans and not leave a redundant tone, one after the other.

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