Eden Maine – The Treachery Pact

Album cover


  • Fans of: Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Cave In, Breach, Taken, Poison The Well, At The Drive-In, Red Roses for A Blue Lady
  • Forthcoming UK tour support date with Converge
  • Planned UK tour support with Blood Brothers
  • Produced and Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge)
  • Artwork by Puddnhead (Grade etc)
  • Featured band on “Rock Sound” cover mount sampler CD

Track Listing

  1. A Road That Leads To Fate
  2. Cold Light
  3. Ephemera
  4. The Black
  5. Scene One

About this Release

To most, Eden Maine are a new unknown band and although it is just the exciting beginnings the road to the first debut release has been testing and a long time in the making. The efforts have been more than worthwhile and finally one of the most promising bands from the UK are set for some welcome exposure. With a history of line-up changes including an unsuccessful hopeful from America and endless practising and song writing, Eden Maine may have poured blood and sweat over their relentless quest to find the perfect sound but there has been little in the way of tears.

The result is as rewarding to them as it is exciting to anyone who enjoys the challenge of listening to music that pushes new boundaries. With the founding members taking early influence from the likes of Breach and Converge it’s clear that Eden Maine have always had a desire to express their passion for the dark, powerful, hard-hitting sound but their efforts to create something even more accomplished and diverse has paid off incredibly. This is as much to do with the time and care that has been dedicated to the cause as it is their maturity to recognise an ability to blend their natural instinct for the heavy and technical with a new emotional more unpredictable slant on the song writing. The finished product is chaotic yet sublime and is both thrilling and evocative.

It’s clear that Eden Maine endeavour to make a lasting impression and what better way to ensure the representation of your sound than to employ Converge guitarist and infamous producer Kurt Ballou to take the helm at the mixing desk. Saving up and flying him over from the states for this very reason is exactly what they did and this only further demonstrates the band’s seriousness to deliver, this was a wise move as the EP captures their intense and complex performance perfectly. Kicking off with “A Road That Leads To Fate” a moving, big-sounding instrumental is the ideal taster of what’s to come. Not that you get much time to digest before being presented with the incredible “Cold Light”, a furious onslaught of a track that’s sure to be a favourite and displays an outstanding range of vocals.

‘the Black” is a brooding, dark track that initially breaks out of the chaos and builds with inter-changing structures similar to Botch. Like US counterparts Taken and Red Roses for A Blue Lady, Eden Maine show an incredibly accomplished understanding of hardcore, metal and emo and fortunately for them have the technical skill to express this without losing the melody, groove and style integral to their identity.

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