Dead Red Sea – Dead Red Sea

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  • For fans of Chamberlain, The Promise Ring, Jets To Brazil, Pop Unknown, Mineral, Reno Kid, Last Days of April, David Singer, Christie Front Drive and Favez.
  • Recent full length album “Birds” released on Deep Elm Records.
  • Members of Cross My Heart, Liars Academy and Blank Limited “red vinyl” version available

Track Listing

  1. Gone
  2. Brightside

About this Release

DEAD RED SEA have created a blend of indie-rock, and stripped down emo. Imagine vocalist Ryan Skellet’s former band CROSS MY HEART with much less crunch and urgency mixed with a retrospective approach to alternative rock whilst maintaining the same level of emotion and dynamics. A clever, covert fusion of rock, blues, folk and country lead by modern, sophisticated song writing forms this perfect combination of sorrowful lyrics complimented by bold, effective chord progressions. What comes across is an amazing ability to craft songs based on diverse influences and bold expression through sweet melodies and gentle rhythms completing a unique, addictive sound.

On the A-side one of their finest tracks to date “Gone” can be found, a beautiful and heartfelt song. A heavy emo influence defines the progression of this mid-paced, drawn out song, structured around a gorgeous moving bass line harmonised with bold, deliberate guitar chords bringing CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE to mind. “Brightside” is more upbeat and direct with a poppy melody reminiscent of THE PROMISE RING. This is reliant on a perfectly applied latter day CHAMBERLAIN-esque country/folk rhythm. Although very different both songs are clever contrasts of uplifting music and reflective lyrics.

This overall is an amazing 7″ proving that the progression of post-hardcore music has given birth to such exciting, original bands and inspiring songwriters. DEAD RED SEA have defined their own version and do it with total, sincere conviction.

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