(Damn) This Desert Air – Pyramids

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(Damn) This Desert Air – Pyramids

Delivering an intense sonic boom, infused with huge doses of melody, both Engineer Records (UK) and Funtime Records (Benelux) are bringing you the brand new full-length album from (Damn) This Desert Air entitled Pyramids. This album blazes out of the gates and will undoubtedly grab your attention for the duration of it’s 9 tracks. These seasoned musicians from New Jersey, USA, are proud to deliver their first long-player album after a self-released EP dating back to 2007, then a second EP, 3 years later as the band saw Distance Waits released through both Bastardized Recordings (Germany) and Pop Up Records (USA) to much acclaim. Seeing the band garner rave reviews from the likes of Kerrang!, Rock Sound plus loads more, as well as a gaming track in the Rock Band Network, numerous compilations, samplers, tribute album appearances on both the Failure and Hum Tributes, (Damn) This Desert Air set their own bar to reach. With mixing credits once again by the illustrious Brian Virtue, Pyramids is convincing in itself that they’ve done nothing but reach high with this new batch. From the infectious groove of opening track “Hanger” (and it’s accompanying video), the fast paced vigor of “Egypt”, through the potent introspective ambiance of “Slave” and “Obvious”, (Damn) This Desert Air’s attack and release dynamic is felt in full force. A thrilling set of songs (including a cover of Quicksand’s “Shovel”), that shift between rock, post-rock and post-hardcore, which blast at your chest and sit you down for a breather when they’re over.

Track listing:

1. Hanger
2. Empty Now
3. Lay The Gavel Down
4. Slave
5. Segue
6. Egypt
7. Cyclone
8. Obvious
9. Shovel [Quicksand]

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