Crosstide – Seventeen Nautical Miles

Album cover


  • Fans of: Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral, Texas is the Reason, Sensefield, Radiohead, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott, Jimmy Eat World, Elemae.
  • Tours: US summer tour planned with Divit & Orange Island, forthcoming shows with Rise Against.
  • Previous tours with label mates One Last Thing, Dualesc, 6MH & Watch it Burn.
  • Future releases: Next full length already planned (label tba), European tour with Rydell.
  • Album Design by Aaron Edge (6MH, Himsa, Harkonen).
  • Co-release with Rise Records (USA)

Track Listing

  1. Between the Headlights
  2. High Wire
  3. Black Eyes
  4. Not at All
  5. Two Hours
  6. Dixon
  7. Waiting
  8. Dissolve
  9. Yesterdays

About this Release

The footnote in their new album’s sleeve notes explains how the title is dedicated to the now defunct club “17 Nautical Miles” in Portland where apparently the band did a lot of growing up musically and otherwise. As far as their music goes this record demonstrates how they have indeed done exactly that.

Crosstide have been an impressive outfit since day one, boasting an incredible vocalist and drummer complimented by uncompromising, consistent guitar melodies and great song writing. However the band seem to have ascended to new heights which although maybe unsurprising considering their musical progression, none the less is still incredibly impressive. What the band evolved into since their debut EP and their split from last year with hometown friends “One Last Thing” is a more accomplished band. They have somewhat broken out of their previous shell of a promising band to something that at last deserves to be recognised as both original and individual.

Though the album does contain 5 tracks from the debut EP a lot of work went into the inclusion of these, particularly with the re-mixing and re-recording of the vocals. This though is the endearing aspect to Crosstide, rather than throwing away what is essentially a great song, they strive to make it their own and this is more apparent with the new album than ever before.

Since the beginnings of the band there have always been an instant likeness struck between them and their influences from the more alternative leanings of the music scene. This side to them and an essential part of their integrity still exists and supports the pleasing similarities to emo forefathers Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and Texas Is The Reason. However Crosstide have never been scared to craft their own sound and bring in styles of a more commercial foundation.

That’s something that might just achieve them the attention that the aforementioned bands also deserved but were less likely to receive. The key to this is their ability to retain the essence of the “proper” song and base it around their talent in nailing the fine line between accessible music and the more unknown alternative.

This however is something that comes naturally to Crosstide, for example take the blistering, complex drumming on “Backwards” fused with the soaring, memorable vocals, a match made in heaven for the new wave of alternative rock music listeners. Tracks like “Between the Headlights” and “Yesterdays” focus Crosstide’s more sombre lyrical moments and prove the diversity of the band, they can rock out but they can write the slow ones too! With the musicianship throughout the band, it is more than fair to say these guys are likely to receive references to Radiohead, Muse and Smashing Pumpkins. With vocals to match these great bands and songs to carry them there is no reason why they shouldn’t entertain the possibility of similar aspirations, if not to be as popular then to make their mark as a serious, respected band.

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