Couch Potatoes – 8 Songs / Wash

Album cover


  • First full length album from this melodic pop-punk band from the UK.
  • Supported Green Day, Samiam, Chemical People, Alice Donut, and many others.
  • Features “Hey hey”, a live Descendents cover.

Track Listing

  1. No more
  2. Such a bad day
  3. Tired
  4. The sound
  5. I don’t think so
  6. Newun
  7. Get straight
  8. Cold can (part 2)
  9. Lunchbox
  10. Why
  11. No more
  12. I don’t think so
  13. Newun
  14. Tired
  15. Bad habit
  16. Lucifer’s lunchbox
  17. Hey hey (live Descendents cover)

About this Release

First release from this seminal UK hardcore band. A full 17 track album made by merging their first two 8 track EPs and a live Descendents cover version into one CD release. Bouncy guitar led hardcore in the pop-punk style of Descendents, All, Samiam, Big Drill Car, Green Day, MTX, HardOns, etc.

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