Cornflames – 197666

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  • A fine collection of five rockin’ high octane indierock songs with great vocals that will inspire you for sure !
  • Including a classic Inspiral Carpets song
  • Recorded at the famous De Studio in Asse (Brussels) and produced by Dirk Miers and Cornflames
  • Mastered at Electric City in Brussels by Alan Ward
  • For all those people in love with great alternative rock and a feel for ‘songs’ !
  • First 1000 copies coming in a beautiful digipak edition

Track Listing

  1. Count your Wounds
  2. Out Of Timing
  3. Blue In The Face
  4. Hello Dead Hand
  5. This Is How It Feels

About this Release 

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When Cornflames released their debut cd ‘.Tonight, soon or forever’ back in 2000, both press, concert organisers and musicfans immediatly fell in love with this talented emorock/popnoise outfit. Their mature sound, existing out of guitardriven melodies and passionate chorusses in combination with a great gift for songwriting, impressed a whole lot of people in and outside of Belgium. As a result, the band was invited to various big festivals like Pukkelpop (where they played three times in the meantime), Rock Herk, Groezrock, Suikerrock, Ieper Fest, Funtime Festival and many others.

Besides these festivals, Cornflames played an incredible amount of clubshows and did a whole bunch of tours covering most parts of Europe (from the UK to Slovenia and back) They shared stages with bands like Karate, Elliott, Piebald, Red Animal War, Get Up Kids, Pop Unknown, Jimmy Eat World and many other true believers of the now so popular ’emo’ scene.

In 2002 the band decided to stop playing live for a while and concentrated on writing new songs for an album. The band wanted to focus complete on the songwriting process without getting disturbed by touring, playing shows and all that stuff. It took them more than a year to fit the pieces together and create a collection of new songs, but all we can say that it was bloody well worth the wait.

Cause the album ‘the farewell drive’ turned out to be an impressive collection of great emotional songs with catchy chorusses and melodies that brought everything to another level. Magazines of all kind were nothing more than overenthousiast, national radiostation Studio Brussel picked up the first single ‘the speakers’ and it quickly became a singalong anthem and introduced the band to a wider audience.

The outcome of all this, was a hectic show shedule and some instant touring, playing in front for a lot of people going crazy. In the meantime, the band managed to write some new songs. Songs that show a more rocking and edgy side of the band. A little faster and harsher, but still in touch with that characteristic feel for melody and vocal harmony.

Enter march 2005. Cornflames hit D studio in Asse to start recording their brandnew cdep, including four ‘fresh’ songs and a cover version of an Inspiral Carpets classic. This new cdep -titled 197666′ (referring to the year the Cornflames members were born)- is out since the 10 th of may and Cornflames are once again playing all over the place.

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