Come The Spring – Seven for a Secret

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Seven For A Secret is the debut release from UK band Come The Spring, a six track mini-album which openly ripples with enterprise. It is a release to which recognition of its potency and accomplished craft in songwriting and sound is easy to state.

Hailing from Brighton, Come The Spring has drawn plenty of attention and fervour towards themselves since forming in the middle of 2012. With members who have the strong experiences of being in bands like Rydell and My So Called Life previously, and also sharing stages with the likes of Hot Water Music, Greenday, Nofx, Texas is the Reason, and Braid, the quintet hit the ground running and soon drew the attention of Engineer Records who release this their debut. Musically the band craft a sound which is rich in the essences of bands such as Hot Water Music, Fightstar, The Gaslight Anthem.

‘Conditions’ opens things up strongly with its initial sonic embrace soon joined by firm beats and an eager wash of striking guitarcome the spring caresses. As the rich and expressive vocals make their presence known, an infectious hook veins the track to help ensure the song is a lingering pleasure. Into its stride the melodic flames of the guitar and rich tones of the bass standout along with the vocals to enthral and satisfy making an impressive and promising start to the release.
The following ‘Northern Star’ contrasts the keen energy of its predecessor with a restrained and emotive gait. It is a gentle encounter with a certain passion which brings crescendos within the expressive breath of the song. The bass with its melancholic and exhilarating downcast voice steers the stormy atmosphere and reflection of song and its heart into a compelling company for ear and thoughts. As its moves towards its climax, the song shifts and raises the heat with good variety and invention and across its length evolves into a magnetic long-term treat.
Then follows ‘Patching the Cracks Doesn’t Make it Foolproof’ and ‘Readbeforeyouwatch’ both capturing elements which entice and infect the passions.
‘The State isn’t Important as Long as We’re One’ follows and is sculpted and presented impressively, then leads into the excellent closer ‘Statues’ with military driven drumming and angular guitar riffs the song strikes up sparks of real pleasure with its contagious energy and melodic beckoning and ensures as it began that the album ends on a high.
Come The Spring seems to be tagged as post hardcore but stand more as a melodic punk/alternative rock band, though they do recruit other strong flavours to their creative cause. Seven For A Secret is an appealing debut from a band which you can only see unleashing some very notable releases ahead. This album easily inspires the wish to keenly investigate future efforts.

1. Conditions
2. Northern Star
3. Patching The Cracks Doesn’t Make It Foolproof
4. readbeforeyouwatch
5. The State Isn’t Important As Long As We’re One
6. Statues

“If Seven Is A Secret is anything to go by, Come The Spring have a bright future ahead of them. Radio-friendly rock that is well worth a listen.” – Bring The Noise

“The record promises a vein of post hardcore anthems that will have you falling in love from the get go. – Festivals For All.

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