Coffee Shower and Dependent – Side By Side

Album cover


  • Previous releases by both bands now sold out.
  • Have toured with Strung Out, Satanic Surfers, Rancid, Ataris, Alkaline Trio, etc.
  • Engineer Licensed release from NH-N Records of Italy.
  • For fans of: Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Lifetime, Samiam, Grade, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Coffee Shower – Side By Side
  2. Coffee Shower – Freedom Fighter
  3. Coffee Shower – Your Mommy Said
  4. Coffee Shower – A Can Of Gasoline
  5. Coffee Shower – Hostory Train
  6. Coffee Shower – The Good Father
  7. Dependent – Searching
  8. Dependent – Running Out Of Time
  9. Dependent – Passing By
  10. Dependent – Carrying A Reminder
  11. Dependent – Closed Doors
  12. Dependent – No More

About this Release

Currently on tour across Europe and due to be visiting the USA very soon, NH-N and Engineer bring you another split CD by two great bands that demand your attention.

Coffee Shower are known as the hardest working band in Italy. Already well known worldwide for their great melodic hardcore, Coffee Shower have many tours behind them and a sold out self- released debut album. The fourpiece use catchy choruses and melodic guitar tracks to make them a bit special in this genre. Driven by a true punkrock attitude they deliver punkpop ear candy with well practised skill.

Dependent is a pearl in the Dutch Hardcore scene: fast, aggressive and intense. This band will keep you listening with a constant tension from the first to the last note. With an impressive live show, the band face audiences with an uncommon ability to entertain and seduce them. Powerful music backing the amazing and unique voice of Sven. This is intelligent adrenaline!

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