Calm.Murder and Catalyst – Two Sides Of The Suicide King

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  • Calm.Murder are for fans of: Zao, Converge, Eden Maine, Dillinger Escape Plan, Son Of The Mourning, Haste The Day, Arameus
  • ”Calm.Murder are on tour this Spring/Summer 2005
  • Catalyst are for fans of: Unearth, As I Lay Dying, Eden Maine, Lamb of God
  • ”Catalyst are on tour this Spring/Summer 2005
  • Catalyst have shared stages with: God Forbid, Himsa, Bleeding Through, Martyr AD, Throwdown, Between the Buried and Me, Burnt By The Sun, Nora, Most Precious Blood, Walls of Jericho, Terror, The Red Chord, Haste The Day etc.

Track Listing

  1. Catalyst – Kiss You Goodbye
  2. Catalyst – Your Death [mp3]
  3. Catalyst – Same Shit Everyday
  4. Catalyst – This Heart Won’t Heal On It’s Own
  5. Calm.Murder – These Hearts Don’t Have Names
  6. Calm.Murder – This Is No Horror Movie and You’re No Scream Queen
  7. Calm.Murder – Hey, What’s The Penalty For Arson?
  8. Calm.Murder – This Day Love Died

About this Release

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Catalyst from Port Jervis, NY hails from Orange County, NY, and has been kicking ass for about 7 years now. Formed in 1997, Catalyst began playing their hardcore anthems to fans in many local showcases. As the years passed, the local shows turned into larger shows with bigger bands at better clubs. The band grew and so did their sound.

Starting off as strictly a hardcore band, more of a metallic edge took a hold of the band, and hence landed them a diverse set of fans inside and out of the genre they grew up in. This more modern take on metal, heavy riffing hardcore, has become quite a popular sound these days and Catalyst are naturally poised to become a band of more than a footnote to the scene.

With a history like theirs, eyes and ears are open for this group to finally come into their own and be recognized for the beast they have become.
With ‘Two Sides of the Suicide King,” their split EP with Calm.Murder, Catalyst offer up 4 tracks of destructive metalcore that will set the foundation for what they are up to next.

Calm.Murder resides between the quiet and spacious Port Jervis, NY and Dingmans Ferry, PA, yet their sound couldn’t be anything but the polar opposite. Uncalcutative time signatures and a ravaging, venomous wail, their music
speaks of a somewhat singular human condition.

Yet the breadth of this expression couldn’t sound much wider. Possibly the personality trait we all fear, is what we face while listening to their music blasting through our speakers.

When it comes to matters of life and heart, there is not always a logical responce. We are taught to respect our leaders. We are taught that it will be commonplace for them to lie to us at every turn. We are taught love and family are to be cheerished more than anything else. We are taught how ugly comittment seems compared to collecting lovers. Art has always been a form of communication used by people who had not a voice to speak out during desperate times.
From writing on walls, political cartoons or even a song can be used to reflect the extreme circumstances in which we are trying to survive. Calm.Murder is not Metalcore or Hardcore, neither Rock and Roll nor alternative.

Calm.Murder is a form of art that depicts emotion at its rawest and darkest level. Poetic and melodic balanced by uncontrolled screaming and timing. Calm.Murder is merely a reflection of what is around us.

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