Call Off The Search – What Doesn’t Kill Us

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  • Ex-members of The Sketch, a previous Engineer band who sold out their release and played over 200 shows.
  • For fans of Four Year Strong, YouMeAtSix, Paige, The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Fall Out Boy, DissolvedIn and Canterbury.
  • Split label release with Pacific Ridge records in the USA.
  • New video single underway and tours being booked.

Track Listing

  1. Train Yourself To Drive In Colour
  2. Movielife
  3. Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time
  4. One Way Ticket
  5. Second Best
  6. Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow

About this Release

‘What doesn’t kill us… will try again’ by Call Off The Search will shake up the scene. The brand new CDep from one of the UK’s hardest working bands will introduce you to their catchy, original, powerful, pop-punk stylings and hook you in. This is a 6 track CDep of punk rock goodness, full of infectious hooks and sing-along tunes, you’ll be glad you checked this release out.
Previous reviews include: “Blending poppy, punky hooks with a dash of earnest Get Up Kids emotion, They are a burst of nervous, heartfelt melody.” – KERRANG “Expect to hear a lot more from them, they’re some of the best kids playing passionate indie pop rock in the country!” – BIG CHEESE! “Musical definition of good fun…distancing themselves from their UK punk rock peers.” – ROCK SOUND “It’s pretty clear that this band could start to make the American heavy genre start to crumble.” – ROOM THIRTEEN


Mass Movement

Call Of The Search – What Doesn’t Kill Us CD (Enginer Records)

As soon as I stuck this CD on the inner teenager in me was bouncing. This is definitely a CD for fans of pop punk. They blend melodic punk pop together whilst juxtaposing this with emotion which is definitely inspired by The Get Up Kids or Sunny Day Real Estate. This mixed with indie influences and massive gang chants throughout the album make it a winner for me. Also as a final note, Ian Sadler and Mikee Reds vocals are perfect. Sophia


Top Hat Magazine (UK)

Call Off The Search combine the chugging guitars of bands such as A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong with a sugary sweet over tone and vocals that make this E.P. the perfect pop-punk CD for a summers day spent with friends or in the garden in the sun (like I am now).

Rocksound dubbed them ‘the musical definition of good fun’ and you only need to listen to the first track ‘Train yourself to drive in colour’ to see this is wholly accurate.

The lyrics talk of battle scars and finding your way back home which gives this band the defiant feeling that so many people look for; but the punky guitar rhythms give it a bouncing positivity that’s hard to fault.

Second track ‘Movielife’ comprises catchy synthesised hooks and shouting gang vocals that set it up as a definite crowd pleaser whereas ‘Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time’ has that bridge section destined for mosh pit mayhem.

‘Second Best’ shouts back to the defiance of the first track with its demands for us to ‘step back’ and ‘get out of the way’ and ‘Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow’ ends the E.P. with a pounding drum beat and sing along bridges that mean it’s destined to be a feel good summer anthem.

This is definitely one for your summer festival playlist.

For fans of: A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, Me vs. Hero. Stand out tracks: Teach Yourself To Drive In Colour, Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time.



Fire Alive

Call Off The Search “What doesn’t kill us…”
(2011 – Engineer Records/Pacific Ridge Records)

Call Off The Search are an alternative-punk-melodic band playing the typical “college music” sound, very linear, happy, inked of a huge dose of melodic guitars and vocals. “What doesn’t kill us…” (2011, Engineer Records/Pacific Ridge Records) is a fine album on this wave from first to last song; of easy listening of course, with a good groove at all. Take stuff from Thrice, Blink 182, Good Charlotte and you’ll get the style of Call Off The Search, but cut away raw parts with screams, distorted guitars etc. because Call Off The Search are ONLY melodic. Simple melody and basic stuff make of “What doesn’t kill us…” an excellent record at all, spreading traditional pop-punk rock on the style of American Rejects, Simple Plan, or even Yellowcard, positive music made for mass. This is overall, a respectable release, well done, with professional recording and production; expect to see this album dominate the charts…there’s the flavour of fame around Call Off The Search.

Vote: 9.5/10



If they gave an award to the scene with the most bands trying to “make it”, it’d probably be pop punk.
Call Off The Search are one of the many trying to break rank, and also one of the may that borrow heavily enough from their contemporaries to make life difficult for themselves. “What Doesn’t Kill Us” is by no means awful, especially technically, and the band have plenty of promise, but there’s not much to set them apart from the hoards so they’ll have to step up on their next release to really start making an impression.
For Fans Of: Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and New Found Glory.


Push To Fire (UK)

Call Off The Search are a four-piece from Kent, with an exhausting 18 months of touring under their belt. The same dedication is clear on their new EP ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us…’, as it seems every song has been crafted lovingly into pop-punk perfection.

Listing influences including Four Year Strong, Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy, it’s all here: the harmonies and gang vocals, the fills and drops, offbeat bouncy drums, crunchy chugging, and a suspiciously Californian accent. The lyrics, however, are a cut above the ordinary pop punk ‘whooo-oooh’s, and the riff which introduces ‘Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow’ is surprisingly clever and syncopated. There’s also a bit of stylophone-synth in ‘Movielife’ and ‘Second Best’, making these tracks nice and different.

Other times, however, they sound exactly as you’d expect them to. You can almost predict how the next melody will be shaped, when the breakdowns will come, where the song is going. Although that’s the sign of a solidly written song, it can also be a tad predictable.

‘What Doesn’t Kill Us…’ is a punchy, melodic pop-punk album with both established ability and potential for more. From a personal perspective, I haven’t heard anything like this since about 2007. But for just a little while, it’s nice to hear it again, because Call Off The Search epitomise everything I once loved about the genre.


A short fanzine about rocking

CALL OFF THE SEARCH – ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us… ‘(Engineer) Reviewed by JOHN A.

A much more pop punk affair this one. I’m not really into this whole pop punk scene which makes up for its distinct lack of balls with the occasional ‘breakdown’ or gang vocals, but these guys can actually write a song, and they certainly don’t try to be something they’re not quite as hard as many of their peers. Opener ‘Train Yourself To Drive In Colour’ is a real pop punk tune sure to go down well with the kids, and the rest of the 6 tracks on this EP carry on from that and where they might not be quite as strong as the first track, are good tunes in their own right, and wrap this up as a strong EP. 


Riot Publications

Kent easy-core quartet, Call Off The Search’s first EP release, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us’ is breathing unequivocal life into a dilapidating UK pop-punk genre.

A coruscating release reminiscent of US behemoths Four Year Strong (this year’s support for Blink 182’s summer UK tour) With point/counter-point lyrics and dual vocal arrangements, COTS are a flagstone in the reanimation of euphonious UK exultation.

From EP opener ‘Train Yourself to Drive in Colour’ it is evident that will be a release emancipated from genre cliché. An auspicious track that is established by a union of harmonious dual vocals and staccato guitars

‘One Way Ticket’ and ‘Second Best’ are fervent, genuine recordings, with OWT’s cogent opening, conducing into an impressive instrumental power-house.

‘Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow’ opens with a pelting drum-beat that engineers into an effervescent and uplifting track.

Kudos to COTS, as this, self-recorded, EP signals a shift in emphasis for UK pop-punk; boosting the profile for a UK rejuvenation in a genre that is often monogynous.

COTS oscillate away from these genre restraints to deliver an EP abundant with ability and promise.


Mass Movement

Call of the Search swim straight through this mini-album, crashing out six pop-punk tracks that certainly sound like they’ve made a long sail from the States but were in fact home-grown in Kent. That is not to say they are simply creating a good UK version of The Get Up Kids and New Found Glory but instead using subtle genre-blending with the very British electronica noise to hold a mirror up to what a British band can achieve when reflecting the changing scenes coming from these lands. This gives COTS an edge on other bands of a similar hue.

Opener “Train Yourself To Drive in Colour” crashes through some double bass breakdowns to set What Doesn’t Kill Us on a post-hardcore journey along with a decent interjection of melodies that are echoed on “Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time” and “Second Best”.

Call Off The Search are definitely tapping into a early punk resurgence with What Doesn’t Kill Us. With not a down-moment on the record, these are signs of good things to come from this band.


WAK HC (Greece)

Call Off The Search is a new pop punk rock band hailing from Kent, UK and this record with the amazing cover (octopusses rule) is their first official release, put out by the well established labels Engineer Records from the UK and California’s own Pacific Ridge Records.
The record includes 6 songs of passionate and melodic punk rock music, not unlike Four Year Strong, New Found Glory and Blink 182. There’s a strong emo touch, as well, drawing influences by bands like The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, Saves The Day and Jimmy Eat World.
Their songwriting is great and consequently Call Off The Search manage to create a record that won’t bore you at all. On the contrary, all 6 songs are catchy enough to stick in your head and force you push the ‘repeat’ button after the record is over. The production rules, and I’ve already written that the cover is cool!
Honestly, I do not need anything else from a pop punk rock record, so I definitely dig this.
If you wanna listen to something mellow and give the chance to your stereo to take a break from the usual hardcore records you oppress it with, here you have Call Off The Search.



When i first heard this EP. i was amazed. sometimes when you play a cd you have to wait for it to kick right in but the first track “Train Yourself To Drive In Colour” blows you away from the first second. A British band they are and proud, its an disc you can play and never loose interest with catchy lyrics and riff’s the songs can stay in your head for hours. The artwork even drags you in. Previously called “The Sketch” this band has not left any rock unturned to find a great sound to keep old fans but gain many new ones.

We love this band here at LiveFly, You will hear them on radio, we even have this Ep in our competition so if you want it, get it SIGNED. thats right, a signed copy of the phenominon that is Call Off The Search and some added extras.
We Salute You Engineer Records, For Signing A Band That Is Worthy Of All.


Beatzone / Rockstorm (Czech)

These young musicians who come from Canterbury (southern tip of England) have made their debut release with Engineer Records. Call Off The Search sit in the mold of pop punk with melodic hardcore, however, it is not Pop Punk compartmentalised, rather a raw progressive rock which makes this group interesting.
Although their model is on the bands FOUR YEAR STRONG, PAIGE, ME VS HERO, FALL OUT BOY, THE GET UP KIDS, JIMMY EAT WORLD, DISSOLVEDIN and others they have their own slick, raw, dynamic yet melodic pop punk style.
All the tracks are awesome and original, so they are easy to remember and thus make the hallmark of the group. Someone from the airwaves should hear their work immediately to include the band. This music would also be a good choice for background music. I recommend it.


Livedoor (Japan)

Introducing the UK pop punk band Call Off The Search with their new 6 song CDep “What Doesn’t Kill Us”. When you listen there’s a feeling of Four Year Strong or Hit The Lights – some real popcore heat! Maybe like Forever The Sickest Kids but without the synth. I like it!


Big Cheese - Blast piece

This young canterbury quartet have a bright future ahead of them and these bouncing tracks from the new EP “What Doesn’t Kill Us…” is a great example of harmony and crunching guitar filled youthful exuberance
combining impressive song writing. It’s time to call off the search for your new favourite band!

While this playful UK act are loaded with up beat, pop punk trappings there’s no denying the steely determination that has fuelled their painstaking and passionate efforts from early 2008. Formally known as The Sketch the independently (Engineer Records)released “Best Kid In Town” showed obvious potential, but this year’s six track EP sees the band enter increasingly skilled territory. Bursting with infectious hooks and sing a long choruses, “What Doesn’t Kill Us” is drenched in energetic riffs teamed with the melodic warmth of Jimmy Eat World and The Get Up Kids.
Led by tender but commanding vocals, the bands accessible anthems have secured air play on various radio stations, receiving praise from fans and hardened critics alike. Alongside their radio friendly talent for catchy song writing, the outfit’s deeply personal lyrics lend a well balanced dash of originality to the mix. Joining a promising roster of punk and alternative acts, Call Off The Search recently signed to Engineer Records in a bid to expand their steadily growing fanbase. Along with supports with Ghost Of A Thousand, Patchwork Grace and The Horrors these young musicians toured with the BBC Introducing Crew, having been hand picked as one of Britain’s finest emerging talents.
Some very nice things have been said, lets hope for more!


CW's Music Blog

Often one hears that UK punk rock is okay. Then I listened to it, not great but it was decent. I wouldn’t have thought twice about listening to another UK punk rock band, but Call off the Search changed that.

Call off the Search, a UK based band previously known as The Sketch, brought back the feelings of listening to Sum 41, minus the teen angst, and is reminiscent of Blink 182 as well.

What Doesn’t Kill Us…; the new CD by the UK quartet has the power, without a doubt, to bring American listeners to their knees. The dedication they have is obvious with deep cut lyrics, and passionate playing. The songs have catchy lyrics, with even catchier riffs and beats. With such songs titled as Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow and Second Best, you’ll want to listen for yourself.
“I can see this trains derailing, this is not your heart, she’s breaking ” Some lyrics from Second Best, a new song off the CD is definitely a song that pops out in your mind, and will when you buy it; and with a list price of $4.98 for the six track CD, why wouldn’t you?

Now, I haven’t heard of Call Off The Search before this CD, but this name will not be forgotten in my mind very easily. While most bands tend to fall into a certain scene, these guys can get fans from just about anywhere. They claim they are for fans who like such bands as: Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, New Found Glory and Four Year Strong.

Being reviewed from everyone from Kerrang to Room Thirteen, these four men are busy getting raving reviews just about everywhere and they are busy playing shows as well.


Stage Diving zine

We are in England, surely one of the most profitable for the punk / hardcore scene, a country that churns out year after year new and talented bands such as Call off the Search.
“What Does not Kill Us …” is the first official release by the band, an EP of six tracks, except that everything seems to work very well, it doesnt seem like their beginning.
A highly recommended disc for fans of pop-punk, just insert it in the stereo and you’ll hear a work influenced by Four Year Strong with beautiful sounds, and beautiful pieces – engaging tunes that remain etched in my mind.
A gritty hard force from the first to the last track. From the beautiful opening song “Train yourself to drive in colour” it is full of melodic choruses.
An ep so beautiful is too short – as soon as you enter the heart of listening to it, it has already concluded, leaving you wanting more.
If you like Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, New Found Glory, etc. … do not hesitate to buy this disc and follow the band on tour. If they play live as well as on the disc it will be a bomb.
Rating: 8.5 / 10.



The UK scene is very congested at the moment and full of some outstanding talent looking to breakthrough, a good bit of it far exceeding what’s coming out of the US. This particular release feels as though it has come from across the Atlantic – the guys are from Canterbury, Kent.
The influences evident here are all American. The Get Up Kids is probably the most prominent but there are bits of Four Year Strong as well. I’d say overall it’s a more pop-influenced Four Year Strong sound with an attempt… to match some hardcore elements with the raw emotion that Get Up Kids convey so well.
This has all the elements you’d want from a good pop-punk record though. There’s some good hooks mixed in with half decent but reasonably generic melodies and it’s a pleasant enough listen. It’s nothing new and we’ve all heard this before but I can see this getting them attention on both sides of the Atlantic. The issue is to make any real progress they will need to identify a sound and direction a little more unique and personal to themselves rather than what they are influenced/admirers of.


STM online (Japan)

So far ALTEREGO, SHOWOFF, OLIVIA and such titles have been released by Pacific Ridge Records and now they partner with Engineer Records to produce the debut album from this UK band. Emo is being combined with melody and refreshed to make me think of a blend of style and influences from HIT THE LIGHTS, SET YOUR GOALS and FOUR YEAR STRONG. There is melancholy, melody and a slight difference to this band producing six very cool songs.



Kent’s Call Off The Search leave a strong impression with ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us…’, as its full of catchy pop-punk hooks that instantly draws you in. ‘Train Yourself To Drive In Color’ is a solid blast with plenty of urgency that sees the bands comparison to Four Year Strong come to fruition.

‘Movielife’ is a thriving, upbeat number dominated by quirky synth keys and slicing guitar parts. Whilst the bands energy rounds off the track and gives an impressive opinion of the band. ‘Too Many Bad Guys, Not Enough Time’ and ‘One Way Ticket’ manage to keep up the momentum, as its clear the band have a good knowledge of melodic hardcore-influenced pop-punk.

Throughout the quartet are tight and stick with what they know, with ‘Second Best’ and ‘Angels Today, Demons Tomorrow’ rounding off the EP with more of the same pop-punk goodness. Its somewhat thankful they’ve gone down a more raw pop-punk route rather than a slick one, as this ultimately adds to their appeal.

Although their style isn’t anything new, Call Off The Search are at times exciting to hear, as ‘What Doesn’t Kill Us…’ proves to be a solid, consistent EP that is bound to surprise and impress people. Despite its minor faults – in places the bands style is repetitive – their tightness and the high quality of their writing makes Call Off The Search a worthwhile listen.


Big Cheese magazine

Hailing from Canterbury, it’s obvious that this young quartet have grown up listening to bands like New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, The Get Up Kids and Fall Out Boy. With bouncing, crunching guitars adding a hardcore-esque flavour to their pop punk melodies on the uplifting “Train Yourself To Drive In Colour” (which you can hear on this issue’s free covermount CD) and the catchy “Second Best” and “Angels Today”. There are a lot of bands doing this kind of sound at the moment but few that inject it with an emotional centre as raw and honest as Call Off The Search. This release won’t kill them, it will make them stronger…


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