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  • Vera City is Breaching Vista’s 2nd release on Engineer.
  • 8 city CD release tour in Ontario throughout May. Summer Festival shows in the works.
  • Shooting video for their 1st single from the album “Sleep” this Summer.

Track Listing

  1. We are the Way
  2. Sleep
  3. Nervous
  4. Forgive You
  5. Give me a Reason
  6. Tonight
  7. Reverie
  8. Run with the Punches
  9. W5
  10. Wrath of Nyre
  11. Goodbye, So Long
  12. Letters
  13. Little Thoughts

About this Release

“Epic” is a descriptor that gets thrown around much too often, especially as of late. But once in awhile, a band comes around with intentions so grand and a sound even more limitless that there is no other choice but to give them the credit they deserve: they are epic, and the inspiration they provide for their fans knows no limits. Right from the opening rush of the scorching lead-off track from their upcoming album, Kitchener’s Breaching Vista become that band. Out now on Bright Side Records in Canada and soon on Engineer Records in the rest f the world, the release of Vera City will quickly move listeners to put their fists in the air and set their eyes on the immeasurable horizon.

Many are already familiar with Breaching Vista through their debut EP Breaking The View and having shared the stage with notable acts such as Down With Webster, USS, Protest the Hero, Finger Eleven, Stereos, and Hedley. They’ve played to crowds over 10,000 for the last 3 years after landing the closing Canada Day ceremonies in their hometown, participated in festivals including 2010’s ‘Beat Rocks The Block’ and ‘Rock The Mill’ and most recently opened up Canadian Music Week at the Sirius Satellite Radio party. And now to their series of great achievements they will add Vera City; the perfect introduction to the four piece’s unique brand of toe-tapping, pop-leaning glory infused with a punchy, hard-rock edge.

“The work ethic and passion behind Breaching Vista is incredible. This talented Kitchener-based band is ready to make a big impact in Canada’s music scene and beyond.” – Mr. D, Music Director, 91.5 The Beat

“It’s hard to dispute that Breaching Vista is one of the hardest working local bands in the region.” – Echo Weekly

“Though this type of music has been done before (think Billy Talent, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, etc), it is not often done this well. When it comes to this particular brand of aggressive-yet-accessible radio-rock, Breaching Vista are exemplary representatives of their ilk.” – The Record


Melodic Net

Breaching Vista is virtually unknown to the general public but hopefully not for long. Their debut album is a strong display of competent modern rock in the veins of Default, Boyce Avenue, Dashboard Confessional and similar bands.

This albums starts off with the intro We Are the Way that blends into Sleep and from that moment I am hooked. Sleep is a great song and the last thing I want to do when I hear it is to go to sleep. There is a nice variation to the songs on here, just compare Sleep and Forgive You, which by the way is another great song. They are totally different but that is the main strength to this band and album. A couple of more songs that stand out are Letters and W5. Not that the rest of the songs are not great, they are just less outstanding and a bit more ordinary.

If you are looking for a good band that is not ruined by mainstream radio, look over here. I really need to tell you that this is one of those under the radar albums that you should not miss. If you do it will be your loss. A very safe buy if you are into modern rock.


Top Hat

This album is very promising!

It’s got everything you could want from a band of this genre: great vocals, backing vocals and lyrics that you can understand and relate to.

The album starts on a slower tempo than I usually prefer, but despite this, early tracks ‘Sleep’ and ‘Tonight’ are highlights.

‘Forgive you’ sets aside from the rest of the album, with slow relaxing lyrics, and a powerful choral backing, allowing for a rest before he pace picks up with the songs ‘Run With The Punches’ and ‘W5’.

‘Goodbye, So Long’ brings with it a bit of much needed angst which kicks the record up a notch, however, the instrumental at the end which leads in to ‘Letters’, an acoustic guitar fueled ballad, brings it back down and eases the album back to it’s original easy going rhythm.

To give you an idea of the kind of band they are, Breaching Vista would fit right in to a Slam Dunk festival line-up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they pop up on there in the coming years.

Similar to Francesqa – if you’re in to that sort of stuff, you’ll love these. If you’re in to heavier, faster music, you might not.

Tracks to download: ‘W5’ and ‘Goodbye, So Long’.


4/5 Top hats!


Lithium Magazine

“Being on stage and playing our music is what we love doing. Not everyone will love it, but we know that some do. There’s a rewarding feeling when connecting with fans, and it means the world to us to have someone appreciate what we’ve created…However large or small the impact may be, that is amazing! In the grand scheme of things, it’s the handshakes, high fives, smiles, laughs and good times that mean the most. It’s all just rock n’ roll at the end of the day. This is why we love doing what we do.” – John Maksym, vocalist and guitarist.

I have to start this review by saying that I like this band, not necessarily for their music, but for their attitude. There are some real nasty, undeserving SOBs out there in the music world and, while I totally get that grace is a hard virtue to master, this four-piece pop rock outfit from Kitchener can teach everyone a thing or two about being cool with who you are, what you do, and how lucky you are to be doing what you want to do, regardless of what the cynics have to say. This alone makes their Hedley-meets-Simple Plan sound all the more tolerable to me.

Following an extremely well received debut EP and four years in the making, Breaching Vista’s first full length album, Vera City, has finally been released. It opens up with “We Are the Way”, a minute and a half instrumental that flows seamlessly into the next track entitled “Sleep”. The third track, “Nervous”, begins after a fraction of a second of silence as if still part of “Sleep”, Jesus-of-Suburbia-style. I can picture “Nervous” being the title track to a teen drama, which can be good or bad depending on whether you’re the teen living vicariously through impractical yet deeply relatable content, or old enough to have moved on from the incessant melodramatics of inexperienced love. This and the following track, “Forgive You”, together represent your typical immature relationship (not only in spirit but in length), moving quickly and indecisively through the apprehension, euphoria, and disappointment we are all so familiar with.

In fact, this whole album is pretty much made for teens (and preteens too I guess, I can’t really tell the difference anymore anyway), who are luckily within the most lucrative consumer demographic in the industry. From the perspective of my fourteen year old self, who paid more attention to her emotional reaction to the faces and ideas behind music than the actual music itself – the very means by which nineties boy bands stayed afloat on radio airwaves – Vera City works. Better yet, given what most modern boy bands like Breaching Vista are releasing, the music on Vera City is not at all hacked to death with effects and the dreaded robotic tones of auto-tune. For the latter alone, I am grateful. They keep it simple, throwing in a touch of punk here and a touch of acoustic there, and Billy The Kid makes a guest appearance on “Letters”, her airy vocals sweetly complimenting the already sentimental tone of the song.

Parents will be glad to know Breaching Vista’s looks and lyrics are clean as a whistle and, according to Facebook research, some moms might even dig a tune or two themselves. I mean, even the poppiest rock bands out there have one song or member that would scare anyone over 40, but not these guys. Trust me, I looked everywhere. Clean. As. A. Whistle. It’s the kind of album that effectively introduces young girls to rock music without tainting their view of life anymore than Degrassi or Gossip Girl already does. -Vanessa Markov


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