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  • Produced by Siegfried Meier.
  • 1100+ units of “Breaking The View” EP, sold off-stage in first year of release INDEPENDENTLY…
  • ””Song’s “Desperation Move” & “Tap Tap” in high rotation with 88.3 CJIQ Kitchener, ON, June 2008 – present. “Desperation Move” & “Station Ale” both featured on 107.9 Y108 Hamilton, ON. “Desperation Move” also featured on 105.3 KOOL fm Kitchener, ON (received 72% ‘kool’ vote by listeners)
  • Shared stage with such notable acts as Hedley, Protest The Hero, Social Code, Farewell to Freeway, Shiloh, These Silhouettes, Billy The Kid & USS.

Track Listing

  1. Desperation Move
  2. Lifestyle Change
  3. Station Ale
  4. Tap Tap

About this Release

Imagine, if you will, that a saucerful of alien explorers landed on Earth as part of a peaceful mission to understand human culture. If the aliens wanted to learn about, say, ballet, we could show them a video of Baryshnikov. If they asked about golf, some footage of Tiger Woods would certainly explain a lot. And if the little green men wanted to grasp the concept of radio-friendly alternative rock (it could happen!), it would make sense to play them this CD by Breaching Vista.
It’s not that this Canadian band is the best alt-rock group out there, nor the most successful, but their four-song debut EP, Breaking the View, is a veritable primer on crafting catchy, hook-laden tunes that showcase all the best elements of the genre (and, thankfully, none of the worst).
With four songs clocking in at 15 minutes, the EP is a concise how-to of the genre, like a ‘Dummies Notes’ for any young hipsters hoping to get airplay and chicks.
All the crucial ingredients are there: the not-too-complicated guitar riffing, the angst-ridden lyrics about lost loves and other grief (our fave line: “Oh, this room is a hostel of pain”), the slick multi-layered production and the stuck-in-your-head-for-days anthemic choruses. Though this type of music has been done before (think Jimmy Eat World, Gin Blossoms, Tugboat Annie, Fightstar) it is not often done this well.
Lead vocalist John Maksym has a gutsy, self-assured voice that lends a sense of urgency and honesty to the lyrics. The guitar sound is tweaked to perfection, giving the big riffs some in-your-face power whilst the more intricate parts add texture to the background.
You’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective pop-punk song than ‘Tap Tap’ and in a space of less than four minutes the song evolves with several distinct gear changes and a chorus that just begs to be sung along with.
If our hypothetical alien visitors wished to understand the concepts of “originality” or “avant-garde,” we would surely have to steer them away from Breaching Vista. But when it comes to this particular brand of aggressive-yet-accessible radio-rock, Breaching Vista are exemplary representatives of their ilk.


Fire Alive

These 4 guys come from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It’s good for them that American business-billionaire music system didn’t catch into its cobweb. They aren’t still a yield for the masses. With a simple blink we could understand that Breaching Vista stayed more time into their sound studio than into an hairdresser salon.

They are not innovators, neither in their music style, but this 4 single are well played and calibrated. 2 guitars, bass guitar, drum and the great voice ( very apt for Breaching’s sound ) of John Maksym. Some fast passages and played with a Californian attitude are alternated with melodic period and choirs that sweeten the sound impact. Many things remind me of Yellowcard and The All American Rejects ( or maybe Jimmy Eat World ). Put down your claims, this is listenable music.

Vote: 6.5/10


Napalmed (Czech Rep)

Although sometimes the bands from the stable of Engineer Records can merge into a single whole, we must recognize Breaching Vista in their own right. Their rock exerts tension, adequate emotion and diligent melody. Such a band can’t really be specified as neo or post. It is not specifically pigeonholed. Quarter of an hour elapsed and i was left wanting more. -Radek



‘Breaking The View’ was self-released by these Canadian newcomers in 2008 already with them pushing their own sales and now it re-released by Bright Side Records and Engineer Records into our hands.
The EP contains four alternative indie songs, two of which leave a very good impression straight away: “Desperation Move” has speed and the refrain holds an inspiring hookline that could have come from AFI or Hoobastank. The other “Tap, Tap” has several voices very reminscent of Taking Back Sunday – and that is in no way an unpleasant thing. Breaching Vista have already won me over, although the other two songs don’t quite hold this level. Nevertheless the band possesses a feel for catchy melody that comes over without them trying too hard. -Dan


Rock Storm

Another totally melodic band on the Engineer label is Breaching Vista – four young men from Toronto in Ontario, Canada. The CDep is entitled ‘Breaking The View’ is a small taster for listeners and fans of the band, who have had a flying start as a full-length album should be out in September-October this year too. Why else a flying start? Here’s why. The group only exists since the second half of 2007 and have already played on stage in front of 10,000 people! The EP has had really big radio play in both the UK and the U.S. and Canada. Also they’ve been main support to Hedley, Protest The Hero, The Reason, Social Code, Shiloh, USS, Kreesha Turner and others, now that’s something to say.
Their work is in the borderlands of Indie – Alternative Rock Pop Punk with a spontaneous musical enthusiasm. On the EP there are just four tracks over 15:31 minutes. It’s real melodic music and could be in the charts, but equally good for fans of this genre.


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