Argetti – Flags of Karma

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  • For fans of The Clash, Ramones, Jawbreaker, AndTheWinnerIs, Rydell, Crimpshrine, Dag Nasty, Settlefish, Latterman and Pop Unknown.
  • ”’Touring all over Europe 2008/2009.’
  • Radio airplay on indie and college stations across Europe.
  • New videos for Flags of Karma tracks currently in production.
  • “Flags of Karma” co-released on NoReason Records (Italy). Past notable release on Goodfellow Records.

Track Listing

  1. Black Horse
  2. All The Seconds In a Century
  3. Avogado Communication
  4. A Brand New Day (Charlie B)
  5. Perfect Summer
  6. The One
  7. Sweet Manhattan [mp3]
  8. West Jesus
  9. Richard Got A Blue Volvo
  10. Flags Of Karma
  11. Johnny Dellamore
  12. Extra Light In The Sky

About this Release

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During the years of building the band to where they are today, Argetti toured several times through Italy and Europe
(Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Germany) selling out the first 1000 copies of �In My Shoes� and supporting some of the best Italian punk-rock bands, like THE RITUALS (Wynona Records), SETTLEFISH (Deep Elm Records), DUFRESNE (V2 Records) and FORTY WINKS (Wynona Records). With the experience these shows offered in strengthening the band�s professionalism, alongside the fragments of life they�d inject while songwriting along the way, Argetti captured the essence of being a band through and through. These ideas filled their new album �Flags of Karma� with a sense of realism and urgency just shouting for new listeners abroad. With �Flags of Karma,� Argetti are ready to break out.

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