Archie’s, Come Back – The Pendolino

Album cover


  • First release from Archie’s, Come Back (former A Rocket Sent To You member, Ron Price).
  • Recorded and engineered at Soda-Pop Sound Studio, February 2011. Mastered by Chris Wetterman.
  • Album cover layout by Nicole Brennan Wetterman.


With only acoustic guitar and vocals, “The Pendolino” five song EP yields catchy vocal melodies and driving chord progressions. The first track, “The Pendolino”, opens the EP as an instrumental, yet sets the tone and style of Archie’s, Come Back. Throughout, the guitars tend to start simple but lead to a web of intertwining notes. Vocal melodies bring a sense of “definition” to the songs. Songs “Tuning Into My New Life” and “Farewell In The Cold” were previously written while band ARSTY was still making music, but never made their way out until now (song writing was assisted by ARSTY members C. Wetterman, B. Elliott and M. Borlik). Song “Automotrice” finishes off the recording strong with rolling thick guitar tones and multi-harmonizing vocals. With alternating low to high vocal tones along with a crescendo of guitars, each song on the EP displays a wall of sound that has been described reminiscent of early 90’s emo-rock. Only this time it is accomplished without heavy distortion, drums or bass.

  1. The Pendolino
  2. Tuning Into My New Life
  3. You Have To Stay
  4. Farewell In The Cold
  5. Automotrice

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