AndTheWinnerIs – The Punch And Judy Show

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Track Listing

  1. That’s Life in The Putty Knife Factory
  2. Smart Move, Sissy Boy
  3. Ice Cream Is Not My Final Answer
  4. A Miss Is As Good As A Mile
  5. A Michigan Bankroll
  6. This Is The Dumbest Vacation I’ve Ever Ben On
  7. Do Lunch Or Be Lunch
  8. All This Was Funny Until She Did The Same Thing To
  9. Between You And Me And The Fencepost
  10. Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do or Do Without
  11. Tiger Food
  12. We’re Looking At An All-time Low In Popularity Her

About this Release

Andthewinneris = Excellent poppy emo from Germany. “The Punch and Judy Show” is their new album! In the vein of The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Braid, Lifetime, etc…and you WILL love it.

Ox Fanzine –Don�t they know that there are thousands of bands sounding similar to them starving in their rehearsal rooms because they only live of their high ambitions? That the golden years for melancholy indierock labelled “emo” are over? They definitely know.
They don�t care. Because they�re better than the rest. Because they�re able to write beautiful songs. Now there are twelve of them on their debut album. “The Punch and Judy Show” offers wonderful melodies and something that most other bands of the genre don�t: groove. One can build high on a solid foundation.
ATWI are mixing many styles. Suffering at sad piano sounds. Midtempo rocking. Hammering down punkrockhits. Songs with a clear dedication to a clear voice.
A voice that is able to cut in the right depths through powerchord guitars. Many lovely trips to the woods you will always remember. Only the one great break-out is missing. That�s happening live.

Green Hell –After two EP�s the first full-length by Andthewinneris. Twelve high-quality, melodic emo-punk- smash-hits played with power and the right sense for fantastic melodies and hooks. You will love “The Punch and Judy Show” immediately and this album catapults ATWI next to pale on the German emo-punk-throne. One of the few European bands that can be named in one breath with Jimmy Eat World, Alkaline Trio, The Ataris or Samiam. –At first: I�ve come to know Andthewinneris as an excellent live-band. Playing at their best and having the time of their lives in front of just a few tired visitors. In my opinion the cd (their debut album) is able to catch this live-power. The ep ≥earlier that day a car passed by≈ wasn�t that good because ATWI had a lack of originality and innovation. But now “The Punch and Judy Show” is on repeat in my cd-player and blasting off the ears of my neighbours and myself. I first gave this cd my sister to listen to. I�m an idiot. But I got it back and woooha!
Get the cd in and ready? Fight! The first track is an excellent choice for an opener. Typical atwi part. Olli singing on his own and moments later the whole band getting back in. The next song reminds me of the get up kids but it�s a good one. I don�t like song number 3 because of a donots like chorus. I�m sorry guys. But track 4 named ≥a miss is as good as a mile≈ is really good. Olli shows his great ability to sing and the long ending is awesome. There are surrising moshparts in the next song. The guitar melody of track number 6 reminds me somehow of Sparta but meant in a good way. The short piano part at the end of the song is also great. Track 7 is shorter and faster and has lovely breaks and a nice bridge. I would like to see the written lyrics to this one because I don�t get them. Next up is the song with the longest title on the whole album. It has a really nice verse, great drums and a voice to fall in love with. And now surprise, surprise. Harder sounds on track 9. That�s the way I like it. Nearly screamed vocals and a really fast ending. Song 10 in sick contrast sounds like the weakerthans. Nice. Song 11 is an acoustic one. The cd ends with an convincing track including some more piano. Although the lyrics to this one aren�t quite new it�s a retrospective to the whole album. If there was one track to be chosen to represent “The Punch and Judy Show” it would be ≥we�re looking at an all-time low in popularity here≈.
I�m not a big fan of beautiful pop melodies and I also don�t like the ≥emoboom≈ that has definitely come to us by now. But atwi are mixing different influentials of emo, punkrock and pop to something fresh and naturally. The songs sound unique –On their great debut album “The Punch and Judy Show” Andthewinneris are proving that ice-cream is not their final answer. After two ep�s, an lp (named “pilots over paris” only released in the US and Japan) and two split-cd�s waiting payed off. The band with the probably longest songtitles in the whole world like ≥this is the dumbest vacation i�ve ever been on≈, ≥all this was funny until she did the same thing to me≈, ≥we�re looking at an all-time low in popularity here≈ and so on has created an awesome album. Crystal-clear vocals, sometimes supported by a second voice, meeting great hooklines, beautiful melodies and rocking rhythms

PopPunk –UpperCut ! …7,8,9, OUT! With their smashing debut longplayer “The Punch and Judy Show” Andthewinneris are knocking out all doubts. Where others had to throw in the towel already, the 5 guys from Hanover, Germany, and their pop-touching emotional punk rock are promoted to the top ranks of this fighting class in Germany and don≠t have to fear comparisons to the title holders on the other side of the Atlantic. Intensive training does pay off. At the same time the andthewinneris- boxing club is known for its technical finesse: filigree-clear vocals meet guitars fuelled by powerchords and intelligent licks, while the whole thing is pushed further by the tight rhythm section of bass and drums. Over twelve (song) rounds the band shows a perfectly timed fight: First speeding ahead with now-or-never-smashers and then coming from the defence with quieter, melancholic moments to regain new strength. That≠s why the listener is curiously waiting what the tactics of the next 3 minutes will be. The dozen album tracks with presumably the longest titles in both the music and the boxing world mainly circle around the body blows which love and friendship sometimes have to offer. Fresh hooklines and the finest melodies hit your ears just like Ali≠s fists used to hit Foreman≠s kidneys. This is no puppet theatre √ this is musical adrenalin. andthewinneris are real kings of fitness since they played their asses off at over 250 shows in the clubs of the continent. With their definition of punk rock they quickly made knew friends from Hamburg to Italy and spread their reputation as one of Germany≠s best live acts, leaving behind burning stages after their gigs. The five-piece toured intensively with their friends of Pale, Ransom and That Very Time I Saw in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, while they also proved their ability to rock big crowds at support shows for international acts like Lagwagon, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Donots, ≥A≈ and Samiam. Since the release of their first EP ≥earlier that day a car passed by≈ in 2002 the atwi-guys have convinced both fans and media with their outputs and even released their ≥pilots over Paris≈-CD in Japan and America. With their first fulllength studio album “The Punch and Judy Show” Andthewinneris manage to preserve their live energy on CD and show that summer is not a season but a mood.

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