About Leaving – An Echo

Album cover

About Leaving is a band born in Barcelona with influences coming from the emo, power pop and indie music.
This album of eleven beautiful tracks will resound with fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Applessed Cast, Mineral, Sigur Ros, Pop Unknown, Low Standards High Fives, Penfold, The Moirai, Gloria Record, Last Days of April, Moonlit Sailor, etc.

1. Withered Flowers
2. Our Lesson
3. Backwards
4. Unfolded
5. Trembling White Lines
6. Patient By the Water
7. Where The Land Melts Down
8. The Storm
9. An Oath
10. Weary Monuments
11. Of Those Things (That I Say and I Shouldn’t Say)

Jordi Erra – Drums
Martí Ferrer – Guitar and vocals
Gabri Molist – Guitar
Joan Pérez – Bass and vocals
Jaime Pizarro – Guitar and vocals

Backing vocals in ‘Patient by the water’ and ‘Weary monuments’ Claudi Dosta
Recording and mixing: Victor Teller in Wave Factory Studio
Mastering: Victor Garcia in Ultramarinos Mastering
Photographs: Ingrid Ferrer
Graphics: Anna Vila Homs

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