#1 Defender – The Diary Truthful

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  • Recently played with – Sunfactor, The Babies 3, The Holiday Plan, The Not Katies, November Coming Fire, Jairus, Closet Monster, My Favourite Co-pilot, Winter In June, Steel Rules Die, One Time Champion, Nine Days To No-One.
  • Previous limited releases on Formant Records and Zebra 3 Records as well as appearing on several compilation CDs.
  • For Fans Of: Glassjaw, Saves The Day, Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas Is The Reason, New End Original, At The Drive-In etc, Far, Sensefield, OLD, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Ashley B
  2. The Death Of Jenny Calendar
  3. When Hal Jordan Saved The Sun
  4. The Darkside Of Beautiful
  5. Remember How To Fly
  6. Olan’Vora
  7. Olan’Vora

About this Release

A great new band rocking their way out of the South East of England, #1 Defender can best be described as ‘Emo/Hardcore’, but they seem to form part of the new wave of metal edged hardcore that retains it’s melody whilst still having urgency and power. There’s an ability within the band to write incredibly sincere music whilst still retaining it’s own unique sound and upbeat feel.

This versatility has gained the Defenders a wide audience and, already well established in the UK, they are now looking to tour in Europe on the back of this new release. The opening track – “I, Ashley B” is full of angst fuelled power and grabs your attention from the start. The passion is carried on right throughout the record with great guitar riffing and heartfelt vocals. The epic “Remember How To Fly” covers melancholy, happiness, anger, depression and numbness all in one song.

Although these guys are still fairly new to the scene they are clearly on a great musical journey and we should all tag along.

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