Pre-order Steve Hewitt’s ‘Bigger Than Words’ CD now

Steve Hewitt’s brand new album ‘Bigger Than Words’ is a work of pure alt-pop beauty with ten awesome and heartfelt new tracks that you’ll want to listen to again and again, and need to own now.
Simply paypal a tenner to (or drop us a line at the same address) and pre-order your copy now so you get the special edition limited CD hot off the press the day they arrive at the label.
The first 100 copies of the CD sold also go into a draw to win one of ten limited edition t-shirts with the new album cover artwork on them, digitally signed by Steve.
There’s a great new video of the current single ‘Healing and Hurt’ on the way very soon, but for now here’s a lyric video you can check out or a live version here if you’d prefer

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