Post Punk Press and Live a little louder review ‘Echoes’ by Come the spring

PostPunkPress (Jessy Morgan) review –

“Come The Spring are emotionally charged in every aspect of their musicality. 13 Months kicks off the album with a huge surge of power, emphasising the sovereignty of the drums as it underlines the depth of the track, complemented by a weighted bass leading the rhythm. With such a solid starting point for Echoes, ’13 Months’ sets the tone of the album showing an anthemic and infectious potential for those with a progressive rock preference. As it moves into ‘Better Now’ the dynamism of the guitar really comes into play. Correlating with the vocals, the song highlights each talent individually, making Echoes come together in perfect synchronisation. Produced with a clear, distinct sound, the augmented sound of the instruments are skillful and cadenced. ‘SJO’ brings on a different, surreal type of tone offering that atmospheric, almost visual experience. Feeling like the track would fit in well with the soundtrack to an epic, philosophical road-trip of self-exploration, ‘SJO’ is other-worldly in its short length and builds momentum for next track ‘For What It’s Worth.’ Released as a single earlier this month, ‘For What It’s Worth’ is a stand-out track on the album, showcasing the potential of Come The Spring thriving in arena-style live shows of fist pumping and ricocheting voices. As Echoes starts to become more distinct in its direction with a clear capability to use the instruments to their full potential to create their sound, ‘Brighton and the Blues’ comes with a mellow tone, fluctuating that power that has previously been displayed. It’s an intimate track, passionate in vocals as they fluctuate in frequency and attitude.
The album title track, ‘Echoes’ contains masses of petulant proclivity with mood-altering vocals bringing a sense of pure indignation through raucous vocals. The persuasive nature of Echoes is of massive talent, delivered with high quality, well-produced tracks. For their final track, Come The Spring take on ‘Boys Of Summer’ spinning their own unique gyration on it, proving that Come The Spring has a definitive, solid sound within their grasp”.

Live a little bit louder review –

“I hadn’t heard of this band prior to the release of the lead single from this record, but once I heard their music for the first time, I was absolutely blown away. I love the instrumentation in the intro of “13 Months.” The rhythm is unique, the bass part in particular really stands out to me, and the drums keep the energy going. The song starts to pick up the pace a bit when the verses come in. This song also has incredible lyrics like ”Give me hope, I’m struggling. I am down to my last breath, stitch me up and pull me in,” and the vocals portray that emotion very well. (That’s just one reason the vocals on this entire record are incredible, but more on that later.) The chorus on here is fantastic as well and overall, this makes for an incredible opening track. “Better Now” has some really good melodies all throughout the track, and some great instrumentation in the verses. A lyric on here that I found really interesting was the line “I’m surprised I’m still alive, I’m surprised you’re still around.” The shouted vocals in the pre-chorus and chorus show emotion already, as does the incredible bridge on this track, and the backing vocals add even more to it. “Sjö” is a purely instrumental interlude. I love the energy that this song has throughout its entirety, and find it to be one of the standouts on this record. “For What It’s Worth” is the lead single from this record, and I can definitely see why. The bass and the guitar in the beginning are amazing, the melodies are memorable, and the chorus on here is anthemic. “Brighton and the Blues” is a much slower track and is sort of a ballad. It’s the longest track on here, but doesn’t feel like it’s all that long. There’s so much emotion in every single aspect of this track. Although the hard hitting instrumentation and passionate vocals do a great job of showing that emotion, it’s the honest, vulnerable lyrics that tell the story in the first place.
The lines “Why do I do this to myself? Cause I own all my failures, I’m not worth anything,” really stood out and are just a couple of many relatable lyrics on this entire record. The title track, “Echoes,” picks the pace back up and brings in so much energy, especially with the drumming that introduces it. It honestly kind of sounds like a pop punk track instrumentally, but with some shouted vocals thrown into the mix.
Once again, this track is full of honest, heartbreaking lyrics, such as “This is all that I will be” and ”I’m trying to stay clean, but sobriety isn’t me.” “Boys of Summer” has some darker instrumentation and some more emotional vocals to match. It’s a pretty interesting way to close out the record. Overall, I loved this record. There’s so much emotion and passion throughout every part of this entire record that really made it stand out. It impressed me a lot and honestly may be an early contender for one of my favorites of the year so far”.

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