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Red Light Runner, One Day Elliott and Sirens & Shelter all to play Herofest 2017


Saturday 5th August 2017
Red Lion, Gravesend, DA11 9AA
2pm – Midnight, £5 before 5pm, £7 after 5pm

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Miss Vincent on tour with Energy

It’s not long until the pop-punk-tastic MISS VINCENT go out on tour with Energy!

Tickets are going fast so don’t sleep on it -

Dover tickets -

‘A Prayer for Rain’ -


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Hidden Cabins on Combover comp…

The newest Hidden Cabins song ‘The Calming’ is available now via Combover Records new compilation. Props to Jason & Rich for cruising in a steady rhythm section with the guys at NY’s Nada Recording Studio. Please lend an ear and add this comp to your collection via Free Download here:


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Years Before on regular Rock Station rotation

This long overdue but thanks to everyone who supported Years Before to get them on regular rotation on 107.1 The Rock Station in Joplin, MO. They are rocking the airwaves!


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YEARS BEFORE need your vote

Our boys YEARS BEFORE are in a radio airplay Voting Final right now on the radio station “107.1 The Rock Station” out of Joplin, Missouri.
The winner gets a spot in the regular rotation on the radio station and the contest is taking place on Facebook. The voting is done by simply commenting on the photo at the link below with the band name of the band you are voting for. (We are currently up in the voting 108-94). Please go and vote for YEARS BEFORE now as the new track ‘Live Forever’ from their Hometown Zeros CD on Engineer Records is a real rocker!
Here’s the link:
We just need people to comment “Years Before” to the photo. Thankyou and get voting!
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100 Voices – make sure yours is heard!

This is the beautiful new lyric video for ONE DAY ELLIOTT’s track ’100 Voices’ from their awesome Triple A-side CD. It is a banger. But more than that, it has a message – and here is a message from the band for you:

Hey everyone, in light of pretty much everything right now we’d like to share a new lyric video for our track 100 Voices. 

At present the world feels like a messed up place and it’s time for a change. 

This is the first time we’ve been compelled to say anything political with our music, but this isn’t about hate. It’s about love and everyone standing together to make the world a better place; for us, our children and for everyone and everything we share this planet with. 

This video is probably pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it can only be positive if we can make any contribution, however small, to the fight against racism, homophobia, extremism, xenophobia, manipulative governments whose thoughts are only of greed, the needless destruction of the world… anything that acts as a catalyst to the dreadful things we see and hear on a daily basis. 

Say something. You CAN make a difference and whatever your beliefs, whichever side of the fence you stand, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. 

“If we don’t change our ways, tomorrow will never forgive today”

Music by One Day Elliott
Video Created by Tim Leek

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