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ODE turn 20

One Day Elliott out celebrating with members past and present, 20 years to the day they played their first ever gig!

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WeCameFromWolves are back!

At long last WCFW are back and playing some shows.
Check out their faceache page for links to venues and tickets.

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Come the Spring on Unedited

John Cronin of the Unedited blog reviews ‘Echoes’ by Come the Spring and asks David a few questions…

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US rock radio for Come The Spring and Son Of The Mourning

Beyond the Dawn’s monthly independent rock and metal radio show, Cox Rox, will feature tracks by Come the Spring and Son of the Mourning on tomorrows show.
You can listen in from tomorrow at:

Air Date: April 4, 2019
Network: BTD Radio (Beyond The Dawn Studios .Com)
Hosted by: Big Al Cox
Replays: Mixcloud, Blogspot

Reason Define-Innocent
Rendered Heartless-Mirror Wall
Tim Sanders-The Stalker
Alyxx-The Way I Do
Year Of The Locust-Stay Alive
Come The Spring-For What It’s Worth
Regis Vox-Frankenstein
Say Never-Giving Up
Son Of The Mourning-Carpe Diem
Tolbert Toz-Good For The Night
The Nameless Citizens-Wounded But Alive
Tony CC (With Bernie Devins)-Paradigm Shift

Beyond Dawn Radio-Cox Rox
(The live stream player is on the right side of the page)

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‘Bigger than words’ album cover art

Steve Hewitt’s been playing at breweries and on radio shows over the last week, and he is now confirmed for a slot at Black Deer Fest this summer too. It’s great to see him getting busy but we want the new CD back from the pressing plant so we can share it with you all. Whilst we wait for it here’s a quick preview of the cover art for Steve’s new album ‘Bigger than words’…

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Red Light Runner are in the studio working on their third EP right now and we keep telling them to stop messing about and hurry up. We want to hear these tracks!
Whilst we wait they have a few more shows coming up. The next one is part of Petchfest and is at Les Fleurs in Dover on 4th May with Paperfriend and Hounding.
In the meantime though, here’s a pic of Dan getting ready to lay down some vocals.

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