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Last night of Chamberlain euro tour

It’s the end of this European tour for Chamberlain in Hamburg at the Hafenklang last night, but hopefully, there will be another one soon.

“Six long months of planning and just like that here we are again, at the end (after our final performance in Hamburg) — grateful, tired, happy, sad, unsure how to process it all.
So much gratitude to go around. Firstly our crew: Reece Reece for keeping us tethered together despite sleeping the least and doing the most, Tony Byrd Photography for your friendship and pulling double-duty as both documentarian and roadie, Eva Flix for steering the wheel, bringing laughs, and tolerating our stench.
Also to Frederic Klemm and Arctic Rodeo Recordings for your belief, good vibes, and the slick looking vinyl, and to Felix Willikonsky and Flix Agency for putting this whole thing together.
But MOSTLY thank you to those who traveled from distant places and sang along. It’s impossible to find the right words, but know that the cause would be lost without each and every one of you. See you all next time, whenever that next call comes down the line. – Chamberlain. — with David Moore, Reece Reece, Curtis Mead, Tony Byrd, Clay Snyder, and Adam Rubenstein at Hafenklang.”

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New Tonota 80 video…

‘What people say’ from Tonota 80’s great album ‘Killer sands and beating hearts’.

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Bear Away – Never in the same place

We’re really looking forward to this one, and let me tell you all – you’re going to love this release!
You can listen to the first track ‘Parts and labour’ here:

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More new releases coming soon…

Very excited to be working with Disillusioned Records again on some co-releases for Bear Away, Punch Drunk and WLOTS coming soon.
Also speaking with Red Light Runner, Sirens & Shelter and Sleave about their new releases too.
#Busytimes #Bringingtherock

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Miss Vincent at The Joiners

Wavebye and Valensole will be joining Miss Vincent and The Young Hearts at their Southampton headline show at The Joiners later this month! Don’t miss it.
Part of a joint tour including London, Leicester and Stafford too.
See for details.

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Kyle of WCFW speaks out on mental health

Kyle Burgess of WeCameFromWolves was asked to share some of his experiences with mental health issues and music with the fantastic MHF Live;
“I feel the work they are doing to remove the stigma associated with mental health, within the music industry in particular, is vital.
I was honoured to be able to share my story with the team and thank them for the opportunity.
I’m always here if anyone wants to reach out and have someone listen, no one should be alone when they feel their most vulnerable. We are all in this together.
To me music is all catharsis, all feeling. If I have an idea and demo it with a melody or lyrics that don’t feel real or evoke feeling, the song gets left behind. On that note, our single ‘Keep Close’ hit me harder than any I’ve written before… I gave truly everything I had into writing this for my Dad, I held nothing back. Just as he did for me so many times when he was here, it helped pick me up when I was down.”
His full interview is here:
Photo from the recent WCFW show at Broadcast.

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